July 14, 2024

Monday.com – The Project Manager’s Paradise

Project management can be a time consuming and stressful job. Other than the fact that your entire team relies on you to make tough decisions and guide them on the path to success, you have to schedule and manage every project.

monday.com exists to make project management a breeze. With a hefty list of features and tools, you’ll find yourself managing and collaborating with the best without even breaking a sweat.

At its core, monday.com is an Agile project management software. Historically, agile is one of the most used and effective methodologies that’s ever existed in project management, and that’s nothing to shake a stick at. But, besides all the history and features, what makes monday.com so great? Well, I’m glad you asked:


Collaboration at it’s finest

One of the biggest reasons anyone uses a project management software is to collaborate with the rest of their team. All your planning and scheduling means nothing if you can’t deliver that information to everyone else. Not only can you share the plans with everyone on the team, you’ll be able to receive direct message, easily edit timelines as the project goes forward, and keep an eye on what everyone’s up to.

“A company’s structure is the result of leadership that creates a culture. We wanted a culture of togetherness, of people getting recognition. Today, at Wix parties, I can approach any employee and talk to them about their work. It blows their minds. They’re like, ‘How do you know?’ and the answer is monday.com! Do you know what that does to their motivation?” – Avishai Abrahami,  CEO and founder of Wix.com.

Let’s not forget about the most important people in this whole operation – the clients. Remember, the clients are the reason you get a paycheck, and they deserve to be in the loop, too. With monday.com, you can add your clients as guests for the project so that they can get constant, real-time updates as soon as everyone else.


Simplicity is the key

Often times, softwares like this overwhelm the user. monday.com thought about this and condensed everything into one space. You can manage everything from one single dashboard. Instead of trying to navigate the entire website for one tool, you have the full arsenal of tools at the click of your mouse.

Having trouble finding info from that project you worked on from last year? A simple search will quickly lead you to any image, update, project, or assignment your team has ever worked on.



On top of this already massive pile of impressive highlights, you can integrate many of your favorite apps into one place. monday.com is truly a one-stop shop.

They also offer a mobile version so that you can stay updated on the go. Many project management softwares don’t offer any way to get real-time information unless you’re in the office. With the app, you’ll never miss an important update again.


Why you need monday.com

monday.com is one of the most widely used softwares on the market. Everyone who’s familiar with it will agree that there’s nothing else like it. Nowhere else will you get this sort of usefulness, versatility, and simplicity.

With their impressive list of features, all-in-one dashboard, user focused navigation, and constant praise and reviews, it’s easy to see why so many people chose and continue to choose monday.com.


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