July 14, 2024
world attractions

What do famous world attractions look like without the crowd?

Have you ever wondered what some of the biggest attractions of the world would look like without the infinite lines? Or, perhaps, you have wondered what the world would look like if people just disappeared completely? Regardless of the scenario, you can’t deny that sometimes people just ruin an otherwise perfect picture. Recently, designers were challenged by DesignCrowd to Photoshop popular attractions from all around the world. 


Eiffel Tower, Opera House, Pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, the Colosseum, Statue of Liberty, and Machu Picchu are just a few of the many world attractions that are notorious for ridiculously large crowds. In most cases, these massive crowds take away from the wonder and awe that these places would normally produce. With these photoshopped images, we get a once in a life time glimpse at what it would look like if you were the last person on earth. It sounds daunting, I know, but the lack of people at these famous places really allows you to focus on their beauty like you’ve never been able to before.


Let’s get started with your exclusive world tour:

Winning Design – A night in museum

world attractions

Designed by Robert R., from Ireland

Now you have an idea of what a museum looks at night. You can touch the silence.

Taj Mahal

world attractions

Designed by BJY from Philippines

It looks like they even took the time to photoshop the weather.

Times Square

world attractions

Designed by iMAGICations from Philippines

New York without traffic, like that will ever happen.

The Pyramids

world attractions

Designed by AMK from Egypt

Unfortately, the second photo describes the Pyramids better at the moment. Tourism dropped drastically lately, so you might be able to enjoy the attraction by yourself.

The Louvre museum

world attractions

Designed by Sergio Coelho from Brazil

The Eiffel Tower

world attractionsDesigned by bijuak from India

If you have ever visited the Eiffel Tower, you’ll know that this is a rare sight. The lines to enjoy this attraction often reach wait times of several hours.

The Sidney Opera House

world attractions

Designed by bijuak from India

This photo almost looks incomplete without the people, like a mountain of stairs. That’s what I thought when I saw it.

The London Eye

world attractions

Designed by SDC from India

The Colosseum

Designed by JuanDeLaCruz  from Philippines

The Colosseum has never seen this few people since its creation.

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