July 22, 2024
When Night Comes

When Night Comes Font Collection FOTW#11

Have you ever wondered what the flame of a candle would look like if somebody would translate it into a font? Or the light of a street lantern from 80 years ago in a cold night of winter? When Night Comes Font expresses perfectly a night of late November when breaths transform into vapors, and steps fade away silently. We are excited to announce that When Night Comes receives the Font of the Week title this week. 


At Webdesignledger, we believe that fonts tell stories that words are incapable to. We have certain fonts destined for certain project for this very reason. The font you choose can whether enhance your story or make it unreadable. In order to make quality fonts, designers think ahead about their purposes and uses. It’s pretty common sense to say that the font you would use for a wedding invitation and the font you’d use for a resume are highly different.

When Night Comes

Mel Volkman, the inspired designer behind When Night Comes, has understood this fundamental principle, fact confirmed by the way she chooses to describe it:

When Night Comes is an esoteric, hand lettered font collection featuring an old soul typewriter styled serif font, a free spirited signature styled script font. When Night Comes can be used in a variety of different scenarios! Perfect for many design projects such as logo design, branding, blog graphics, stylizing quotes, wedding stationery, art prints, collateral design, packaging, social media, and so on. I’ve truly enjoyed the process of creating this font collection and hope that it will bring some magic into your projects!

When Night Comes

Creative Market offers designers the chance to get their work known and valuable. You can purchase When Night Comes Font on there, too, and the offer includes the following:

  • 20 dreamy illustrations
  • 6 logo templates
  • an infinite amount of styling opportunities!

We invite you to get a fast glimpse of other amazing fonts designed by Melvolkman below. We’ve added links to the titles so that you can find out more details on each individual font.

Luna Wilde Hand Lettered Font

When Night Comes

Peach Babe Hand Lettered Brush Font

When Night Comes

Hand Drawn Botanical Collection

When Night Comes

Thanks for stepping by. If you are a font creator yourself and you’d like us to feature you on our blog in a similar post, email us at webdesignledger.blog@gmai.com, and we will tell you what you need to know!


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