July 17, 2024

Be Theme: How Productive Procrastination Can Boost Your Efficiency

Just like other freelancers, you probably put things off from time to time. Sometimes, these things are the ones that you really should get done if you want to stay out of trouble.

Once you find yourself scrambling to meet a deadline, the quality of your work is likely to take a hit. The result? An unhappy client, and a stain on your reputation as a reliable designer/developer.

Procrastinating often leads to an unsatisfactory outcome, but there is a silver lining. It’s called Productive Procrastination, and it can help you improve your work.

How Be Theme’s Productive Procrastination Approach Boosts Productivity

If you’re determined to let things slide, you might as well find something to do that’s fun. That’s not all – it also can be productivity enhancing and potentially profitable.

We agree, that mix doesn’t seem to fit in with our usual concept of procrastination. Especially, the “productivity enhancing” part.

However, there’s an outfit that shows you how to procrastinate for fun and profit (sounds like the title for a book). It’s Be Theme, a Themeforest top 5 best sellers, and the biggest of all WordPress themes.

Instead of looking at the old pictures, try browsing through Be Theme’s 270+ pre-built websites. These are complete with its one-click installer. It is a great way to turn “wasted” time into productive time.

  1. Scroll through Be Theme’s 270+ Pre-built Websites

How does Be Theme’s productive procrastination idea work? It’s almost ridiculously simple. The 270+ pre-built websites, the largest selection on the market, cover more than 30 common and not so common business, creative, and personal niches. The fun part is browsing through the entire selection. The productivity part is the time saved, and the ease in which you can drill down to the perfect website theme for a given client.

Here’s a heads up on what you can expect:

More than 60 Pre-built Websites for Creative Industries

Whether you have a self-employed creative client, a client representing a creative agency, or you simply want to showcase and promote your own work, there are over 60 pre-built websites to choose from. No two are alike, but they share several important characteristics:

  • Interactive galleries for portfolios and/or showcasing individual products
  • Large, high-quality images designed to grab attention
  • Easy navigation, regardless of the website’s size and complexity
  • Structured to place your client’s brand front and center.

For example:


Ad Agency





Given these examples, it’s easy to see that with 60+ to select from, you’ll have little trouble finding the right one for any of these categories:

  • Bloggers
  • Photographers, Visual Artists, or Video Makers
  • Ad and Marketing Agencies
  • Designers (Web, Fashion, Interior, etc.)
  • Architects
  • and, Beauty Salons

30+ One-Page Pre-Built Websites

Finding a one-page theme for a client looking for something unique can be difficult. That’s not the case if you have these, and more than 30 other different templates to choose from:

Landing Page




Since each is completely customizable, you’ll have no trouble satisfying a unique set of requirements, plus you’ll get:

  • Responsive websites for the mobile crowd
  • Attractive designs and design concept to work with
  • Examples of clever and effective use of whitespace
  • The capability to structure your content however you want
  • The ability to build a website and have it up and running in less than 4 hours

9+ Pre-built Websites for Online Shops

Great design concepts for eCommerce websites.





What do these 9+ pre-built websites offer?

  • Product galleries
  • Easy-to-use order forms
  • A design approach that places a spotlight on the products
  • Top-quality images
  • Intuitive menus
  • Shopify integration

What about those special niches that can sometimes be difficult to fit?

20+ Pre-Built Websites for Health and Wellness


More than 12 for Fitness and Nutrition

Sports Club

Over 16 for Events and Nightlife


9+Great Ideas for Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes


10+ for IT Services and Products


and, 7+ for Financing and Bookkeeping; not the easiest niches to find themes for.


You can experience what Productive Procrastination is all about right now. Just scroll through Be Theme’s 270+ pre-built websites.

  1. Watch Fun Video Tutorials on YouTube

Do you feel the urge to procrastinate coming on? A great way to do it productively is to watch interesting and informative videos.

You’ll find this selection of video tutorials creative and fun to watch. At the same time, it will be helpful in learning productivity tips, new software, and new skills.

Be Theme has an impressive library of video tutorials, including guided tours,

a mini-tutorial on using their 1-click installer,

… and several in-depth, 50-minute tutorials that show you how to apply entire Theme.

  1. Read Creative and Useful Infographics

We know another way to spend your time in a fun and productive way! Enjoy your useful procrastination by scrolling through a collection of infographics.

You can learn a great deal! Certainly, more than you’ll learn from being subjected to a friend’s party photos.

Infographics that are relevant to an area you are familiar with, can be a joy to look at,

Like the following:

Wrapping It Up

Procrastinating is generally looked upon as not being a good thing. Moreover, attempting to get out of the habit of doing so can be a chore. However, there is a silver lining.

Productive Procrastinating can be a fun way to spend your time. If you go about it correctly, you can learn a great deal. You can learn how to improve your work, your performance, and your productivity.

  • One example is Be Theme’s selection of 270+ pre-built websites. While browsing through them, you’ll discover how easy it can be to find the perfect theme for a client.
  • Watching videos is a great way to expand your knowledge, learn new skills, and refine old ones.
  • The same is true with infographics.

You needn’t feel guilty of procrastinating; simply refer to it as “research time”.

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