July 14, 2024

UX Cambridge 2015 convenes at The McGrath Centre Sept. 9th

One of the smaller yet more intimate UX events is UX Cambridge in England. The event focuses on practical user experience guidelines for building better websites, mobile apps, and desktop programs.

The conference includes many handy keynotes, educational workshops, group+solo tutorials, along with personal case studies and experience reports from significant individuals.

There’s also plenty of time for networking and chatting it up with fellow UX Cambridge attendees(and speakers!)

UX Cambridge redgate banner

The event runs for three days from September 9th to the 11th. As of this writing tickets are still available for both single-day passes and full event passes.

If you’re curious check out the schedule to see planned events and keynotes. While the event is somewhat small, there are a few interesting keynote speakers in attendance:

If you want to learn more check out the UX Cambridge 2015 website. You can also follow the official Twitter @uxcambridge for live tweets & photos from the event.


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