July 13, 2024

Wagtail CMS offers Python Users a New Open Source Django Platform

There’s a lot to be said about the success of Django. It’s gained plenty of traction on the web as a serious framework for developing all types of applications at lightning speed.

Many different content management systems exist including the titular Django CMS. But an interesting contender in this field is Wagtail CMS, another open source alternative for Python/Django developers.

Wagtail is open source running the BSD license. All code is editable and you can even work with others to append changes via the GitHub repo.

Wagtail CMS admin demo

Like every developer looking into new technology, you’re probably curious about features. Wagtail CMS has a full features page covering some of the more poignant options available. Right out of the box it comes with a dynamic search engine & form builder, along with a tree-based content hierarchy for an easy time managing edits.

The idea of Wagtail is for editing to be simple. Developers know how to read code, but a CMS is often geared towards non-technical people who want to manage their own website. Thankfully content editing has really been overhauled to give this CMS a more natural feel of inline editing.

Wagtail CMS editor view

Wagtail has a very large online following with its own Google developer group and consistently updated GitHub repo.

Any Django developers who might want to give this a spin should download a copy and read up on the Wagtail documentation. It’s a completely free CMS engine built with content management in mind. Django developers are always looking for a clean platform to use for new websites, and Wagtail offers the perfect opportunity to test the waters in a new area.

Also if you want to see it in action check out their official demo video:

RCA on Wagtail from Torchbox on Vimeo.

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