Web Designer’s Bundle 2 Giveaway from Vandelay Design

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Our friends at Vandelay Design have put together another awesome design bundle. This time around they are offering $338 of Premium Resources for Just $29. And better than that, they’ve been generous enough to provide us with 10 bundles to give away to our readers. To participate just leave a comment here before July 25, 2012. We will announce the winners in August 02.

Update: Congratulations to our lucky winners:

  • Charlie
  • Laura Beth
  • John
  • Adam Pugsley
  • Marc Casavant
  • Jesper Rasmussen
  • Paul Janssen
  • Linda
  • Mary Ann Stoll
  • David Clothier

We will get in touch to send you the details to redeem your bundle! Thanks to all the participants.

The Web Designer’s Bundle 2 is an enormous collection of more than 60 premium resource packs that normally sell for a total of $338. The bundle is available for a little time at a price of just $29 (a savings of over 90%). The purpose of the bundle is to provide web designers with a huge library of quality resources that can be used to save time in their own projects. The bundle includes resources like UI sets, PSD files, icon sets, Photoshop brushes, vectors, and more. Each of the resources comes with an extended multi-use license that allows for use on an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects. They can even be used in creating items for sale, like website templates and WordPress themes.

Vandelay Design Giveaway - 10 Web Designer’s Bundles

Vandelay Design Giveaway - 10 Web Designer’s Bundles

The promotional price is only available until July 30th. You can preview all of the included resources on this page. If you purchase the bundle and you wind up winning a free copy through this giveaway, Vandelay Design will refund the purchase.

Some of the things you will find in the bundle:

Vandelay Design Giveaway - 10 Web Designer’s Bundles

Vandelay Design Giveaway - 10 Web Designer’s Bundles

Vandelay Design Giveaway - 10 Web Designer’s Bundles

Vandelay Design Giveaway - 10 Web Designer’s Bundles

Vandelay Design Giveaway - 10 Web Designer’s Bundles

Giveaway Details

  • 10 winnners
  • Comment on this post to be eligible
  • One comment per person
  • Winners randomly selected on July 26, 2012

About the Author

Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

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