July 18, 2024

SmartDesk2. When Furniture Becomes A Part of You.

If you are working in an office or from your own home, on the computer, or doing desktop tasks, there are two most important things on which your work depends besides your professional skills: the chair and the desk.

While the office chair is easy to replace, the desk, if it is integrated into the design of your office, might get you some headaches especially when everything must be readapted and rearranged in order to fit it.

I remember a time, just a couple of years ago, when I was working part time for an IT company. I had to be at their office for two or three days per week and stay there for about ten hours without taking long breaks. Everything was ok except the desk and the chair. I asked for a new chair which I received promptly, but when I mentioned they should also change the desk, they told me the office was a rental and it was already furnished, and they cannot replace any piece of furniture without making changes to the lease contract. They did not want to amend the contract, so I had to sit at an uncomfortable desk that was too small for me, for about six months. The work would have been enjoyable, but the environment gave me headaches, I could not concentrate on the daily tasks and after a while, and I started to feel back pain, which ultimately led me to find a better job with a better work environment.

Your desk is a critical part of your work and you should choose one carefully. Recently, I had the chance to test a SmartDesk2 model, one of the latest additions from Autonomous, a desk I would recommend to all my friends and I will certainly use as my main desk for the next years. Let’s see, in a few words how and why I made this decision:

First Thing to Consider: The Price

It’s cool to pretend that when you are buying something, the price is the last thing to consider.

In reality, this is the first thing we look at, especially when buying things that are meant to last, like appliances and furniture.

In this case, I didn’t have to worry about this part, as the SmartDesk2 item is pretty reasonably priced considering the fact that it was one of the best desks I’ve ever had the opportunity to test. The retail price starts from $399, not as cheap as an average desk, but quite affordable for a professional one.

On the plus side, you get to choose from a wide range of 270 different desks to pick the one that best suits your needs and your working style. You have the opportunity to select the desk that fits your office and of course, to integrate it easily into your working area with all your other items that furnish it.

Second Thing to Consider: Your Comfort

If you are spending at least eight hours a day working at the desk, this piece of furniture, along with the office chair, is – or should be – very important for you. If you are working for a company that lets you choose the desk you work at, or if you are working from your home, you are quite fortunate, as you can select the degree of comfort you have at your desk. This is quite important, as it will reduce the amount of work related stress and give you the best working environment in order to maximize your productivity. We all know how difficult is to work in an unfriendly environment and how hard it is to concentrate on the daily tasks when everything around us lacks comfort. In the case of this standing desk, this is not an issue anymore; you can relax, complete your tasks and actually enjoy your daily routines.

Third Thing to Consider: Your Health

You are searching for a good professional desk for your office, you see that the price fits your budget and it seems comfortable for your daily routines, and now, you should also consider your health. While daily comfort does not always mean that you are living a healthy lifestyle, you should take into account your posture, the sitting position, and the way the desk is adjusted for your height, your position and your office chair.

Features of the Autonomous SmartDesk Standing Desk Business Edition

There are many things to say about this standing desk after a few days of intense use. For starters, we know that it can lift up to 300 pounds, it comes with a 5-year warranty, and it features an industrial steel frame structure and a 24″ – 51″ Sit-to-Stand. There are four top color choices for this professional desk, white, black, walnut and my favorite color, bamboo. You can add an extra accessories kit to the professional desk for about $75 and expand its features with a wireless charger, a USB charger, a bag organizer, and speakers. Also, Autonomous provides an extra A.I. box with the desk which is available for just $150. You can get an A.I. personal assistant, smart home control and some specific Android and iOS apps.


If you are one of the professionals who makes a living by sitting at a desk for most of the day, SmartDesk2 Standing Desk is, without a doubt, one of the best options for you. The desk is quite comfortable, very adaptable and most of all, it comes in many sizes according to your personal needs. You will feel more relaxed than ever sitting (or standing) at this desk, and as a result, you will be able to focus on your work, rather than on other things that are just making you lose your concentration and be less productive. On terms of a good and reliable office desk, this model is probably the wisest choice you can make. Check out our giveaway (ending July 10) or order one today at Autonomous!

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