July 18, 2024
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ErgoChair 2 Review: The Wisest Choice for an Office Chair

Believe it or not, if your work revolves around an office, you are probably spending more time during a day sitting, than sleeping or doing other activities.

8 hours per day work time means that you are spending almost a third of your life sitting on an office chair. While everybody talks about the importance of choosing a good and comfortable mattress for your bed, it appears that chairs are somehow left aside, despite the fact that the amount of time spent sitting equals for most of us the amount of time spent sleeping. Let’s do chairs some justice and for once, talk about how to choose a good working chair and of course, why this thing is important for you.

The main reasons you need to choose your chair wisely

Consider your productivity. Being professional and actually good at your job depends on many different factors. Most of all, you need experience, knowledge, and ambition. You start with ambition, you learn the basics, gather experience and continue to evolve by accumulating more knowledge and more experience as time passes by. In order to continue this development, however, and to be able to maintain a good professional reputation, you also need to consider the logistics: the environment. Everything that surrounds you in your office is important: the tools you use, the desk you keep them on, the shelves with your files, the position and the direction of light, the colors. Some of us need flowers; others need pictures, paintings, etc. However, everybody needs a chair to sit on. And everything you do and how you do it might depend on your office chair choice.

Consider your comfort. Why is the chair so important, one might wonder? The answer is easy to guess: comfort. You need a good and enjoyable working environment to perform better. The most important piece of this environment is the chair. An uncomfortable chair may create stress, may lead to back or legs pain and may lead you to lose focus, to stand up more frequently and spend less time at the office, or doing actual work tasks. Being creative, focused and efficient on a daily basis is usually stressful, and this is why you need not to add to that stress by working in an improper environment. Pain or uncomfortable positions take your mind off from the tasks ahead. Thus, you will need more hours to complete your work, you will spend more time in this environment, and it can also be hazardous to your physical and mental health.

Consider your health. Comfort is not the only thing that matters when working in a sitting position for at least eight hours a day. Stress may tamper with the mental and also physical health state. There are numerous cardiovascular diseases associated with stress and a bad chair may create them out of nowhere, as we have already discussed in the previous paragraphs. The sedentary lifestyle of an office worker, a designer, programmer, editor, etc., may also be associated with these types of health issues. While you cannot remove the sitting aspect from your lifestyle, you can make the best of it, by choosing wisely the chair you sit on, for most of the day.

Furthermore, a bad chair may also be related to back and legs pain and several conditions associated with them. As any good physician will recommend you, in order to treat a disease, you need not to worry about its effects but instead, to eliminate the source that led to them. It will be the easiest task you’ll have to complete, as we already came up with the best solution for you and everyone working at a desk: the ultimate choice in office chairs, ErgoChair 2.

ErgoChair 2: The name to remember


Throughout our lives, we have the opportunity to test dozens of different office chairs. Some of them break down or, from time to time, we change jobs or we discover other models that better fit our needs. There is no lasting relationship between man and chair. At least that’s what we thought to be the truth until now, when fortunately for us, we had the opportunity to test the ErgoChair 2 model. You can rest assured; this is not a name you will easily forget.

Features of the ErgoChair 2

At a first look, ErgoChair 2 fits the acceptable high standards of the market. It’s pretty easy to set up, has a wide five-wheel base that means stability, quality materials, quality seaming and an overall stylish and aesthetic design. Everything changes however when you actually sit on it. A relationship develops almost instantly between you and the chair and you never want to get up. It’s like a symbiotic merger between two organisms that are meant to be together.

Adaptable: We’re not kidding. ErgoChair 2 acts and feels like a living thing. It adapts and evolves gradually, as your body moves throughout the day. While maintaining a good and healthy posture, its adaptability to your body’s position is quite a unique feature that gives you the option of changing positions during the day without losing comfort or focus.

Ergochair adaptable

Customizable and stable: ErgoChair 2 features a customizable tilt tension and seat position that is able to adapt to different weights and pressures and successfully balance them. You can lock its position into place or adjust it at any time for a change in posture. While most of the so-called office chairs are quite unstable when changing height, position or posture, the wide five-wheel base of the ErgoChair 2 solves this problem, making it more stable than any other chair you’ve sat on in the past.

Comfortable: You’ve most probably already sat on an office chair with arm rests. They are comfortable for the user and add to the stability of the chair. ErgoChair 2 however, features armrests that are adjustable on three axes: up and down, back and forward and right to left. It also features an adjustable lumbar support that can adjust to the curve of the back, reducing the strain and fatigue of the body and preventing back pain. The back of the chair is also aerated and flexible.


If you are one of the millions who make a living by sitting at a desk for most of the day, ErgoChair 2 might be your best option. It’s comfortable, it’s adaptable and most of all, ergonomic. You will feel more relaxed than ever and able to focus on your work, rather than on a posture or position that will not be painful. On terms of a good and reliable office chair, ErgoChair 2 is the wisest choice to make.


  1. joemanning Reply

    I got this chair and it is horrible. It has sharp corners where the fat of your arm rests, it is way to hard to get comfortable, and I am always in a state of discomfort in it.

    Their stand up desks are great though.

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