July 15, 2024

WebExpo 2015 Launches its 8th Annual Conference in Prague

The WebExpo design & development conference is central Europe’s single largest event for people who work on the web. For a two-day event this is perhaps one of the largest and most thrilling conferences. Anyone who’s within the area should definitely consider attending.

WebExpo runs from September 19-20 in the center of Prague.

The conference organizers have rented five different venues all within the same block of eachother. The events will run with different speakers in different buildings, and the close proximity makes travel a breeze. And the number of attendees is simply phenomenal.

WebExpo 2015 conference video

You can expect at least 80 talks by digital experts from around the world. These include UI designers, copywriters, web developers, marketers, and many other professionals related to website management/creation.

If you’re looking for a particular list of prepared talks, check out the speakers page for more information.

Tickets are also relatively cheap and since it’s a 2-day event you’ll only need to spend one night on hotel fare.

Those who might be interested should take a peek at the tickets page to catch a glimpse of pricing and how/when you should attend.


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