July 14, 2024

Zurb releases Motion UI Sass Library as Open Source

Zurb has built an impeccable reputation from their Foundation framework which is soon to see a Foundation 6 release.

The team has been busy as they also recently open sourced a Sass animation library that was previously apart of Foundation for Apps.

It’s called Motion UI and now it’s completely available for free to all developers for any project. You can download a copy straight from GitHub or test it out in the Zurb Motion UI playground.

Motion UI preview animation

Motion UI is built in Sass and includes over 24 built-in transitions/animation effects. The animated effects are controlled via Sass mixins and some quick CSS classes for simpler animations like sliding or fading.

To give this a spin yourself just visit the Motion UI playground

If you want to get this up & running for a new project you should reference the official documentation found in the Motion UI repo.

Also stay up-to-date with Zurb’s latest news via the Zurb blog or on Twitter @Zurb.

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