May 25, 2024

50 Unique Business Cards That Will Make Your Mind Explode

Business cards are sadly often overlooked, resulting in dull and boring cards that are easily forgotten. At MOO we know business cards can give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, be unique, and say something about yourself and your brand.

But business cards needn’t be dull or boring – in this post we will take a look at the opposite end of the scale. OK – your mind might not actually explode, but we’ve collected some of the most fascinating, creative and truly unique business cards that stretch the limits of design and imagination, grabbing your attention like a dropkick to the head.

These designs may not be ‘right‘ for many brands, or indeed always work in the real world due to time or cost constraints, but they should help inspire you, and encourage you to think a little more creatively!

For more business card inspiration, check out this roundup of 20 unique business cards that you can download for free.

1. 3D Business Cards – If you work in 3D design, what better way to show off your work than with 3d glasses in your business card!

2. Jack Sparrow – Even pirates need a business card…

3. Dept Of Energy – Unique, although perhaps not for the wallet!

4. Multi Purpose

5. Hungry? – Edible business cards.

This post was written by Simon Goble on behalf of MOO love to print, offering custom double sided Business Cards, unique MiniCards, Postcards, StickerBooks, Greeting Cards and more. You can visit their site at or follow them on Twitter @overheardatmoo.


  1. Chandni Reply

    An awesome bunch of business card designs.

    Favourite ones have to be the Cassette, Fiverr – Recycled cards, Tiger Beer and Another Blooming Designer’s business cards, purely because of their use of media, ideas and simplicity.

    Overall I think the business cards posted on this blog have great cleverness and humour to them.

  2. Cellobella Reply

    I love the artist one and the transparent one.

    And as a keen card player the cards are cute (although I think they are Jacks not Jokers -as per his name). Of course you could mean that Jack was a bit of a Joker!


  3. Dustin Reply

    The broke bike alley card is really superb. Providing a function other than just a tiny advertisement with contact details makes holding on to it far more worthwhile.

  4. Santhosh Tuppad Reply

    Loved almost all designs with respect to their usage in the different industries. Thanks for the ideas. This gives me some information on how do I need to get my business cards done for my upcoming start-up.

    In addition, I like the ideas of business cards when someone can utilize them for other things in their life as well; that keeps reminding them about you and your brand. Example: Multi-Purpose card being shown above in the list.

    Lovely work! 🙂

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