July 18, 2024
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6 Proven (and Inexpensive) Marketing Ways for Promoting Your Dental Services

The old saying, “Marketing is the way to success”, holds the same significance today and will continue inspiring people in the future.

The key to business development is hands down, marketing. Whether it is your service or the product, marketing holds the cards to success.

The same holds true for Dental Services. With the Dental Profession growing with each passing day, the competition is practically at its peak every day and the need to better market yourself and your services is necessary, now.

Dental services are no exception. In order to attract people towards your dental services, you need to have some proven and inexpensive marketing ways, that can keep your competitors at bay.

In this SEO course, you’ll find 6 proven and affordable marketing ways that can help you in promoting your dental services.

Before you try these techniques, I would recommend you check out this article about dental SEO dangers which might jeopardize your website’s ranking.

1. Implement Social Media Platforms In Your Marketing


Social Media platforms play a key role in marketing strategies nowadays. Since social media is the most interactive and genuine way to connect with the people all around, the chances of gaining popularity are very likely with a super small amount of effort.

Grab this opportunity and utilize the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Instagram to connect with people and offer your services to them.

Offer them instant solutions to their inquiries and be ultra quick in responding them.

2. Utilize The Power of Your Website


Your website’s presence gives you an edge over your competitors. Your website is the first step towards your branding and offers you a face in the urban jungle. These days, with the advent of newer technology and with the evolution of several CMS, the requirement of the website gets fulfilled within the budget and offers you a chance to have a well-shaped profession in front of your customers.

The Dental Marketing Guy put it best here:

“Most dentists think they have a “website.” But what most dentists actually have isn’t part of a “web” at all! It’s just a “site.” The “web” part of the World Wide Web is a complex form of linking many relevant websites to one another. If your website isn’t getting linked to, you’re not part of that “web.”

Be professional while designing the website and keep important pages, like about you and your skills, patients’ list (keeping in mind, the nondisclosure record of theirs), a way to contact, review section by patients and other such.

3. Use the power of SEO Techniques


After you get a website of yours own, the next step towards your success is SEO. SEO is the only way that can guide your website towards the top of the SERP within a budget.

SEO is, however, a slow (and long-term) process, which can take around 3 months to reflect best results for you, but still, the results are long lasting and are affordable.

Invisalinks Method is a proven way to optimize your dental services. SEO Technique offers a genuine chance to beat out your competitors and allow you to grab the most important customers looking for the dental services in your region of services like California, LA, or NY etc.

4. Patient Referral Bonus System


The Patient Referral Bonus System is the next step towards expanding your influence in the local market. Acting in combination of digital method and traditional mouth to mouth. It can be very useful in getting new customers through existing ones.

The Patient Referral Bonus System acts as the incentive for people, who are already your patients and offers them a reason (a mouth watering reason) to refer your name to others in case of need of dental services.

Dr. Farr from CK Farr Dentistry revealed that their practice has thrived all these years because of wonderful people (their patients) referring all their friends and family.

“Many dental professionals have been told by SEO companies that you must have keywords in your domain name. Dr. Farr in Atascadero, CA has the domain name http://www.ckfarr.com/ and it stands for “CK Farr Dentistry.” Dr. Farr’s website also doesn’t have a great deal of keywords in the content of the website, which goes against the conventional SEO approach of “more keywords is better” that many SEO companies still purport. The fact is, Dr. Farr build his website with a very clean, photography-based appearance and didn’t just create content for SEO. This allows his website to have an emotional impact through video and photography that most SEO-fixated dentists can’t hack. The secret? Dr. Farr started getting cited and linked to from top level dental websites, such as Dental Town and Dentistry IQ. These links allow Dr. Farr to focus on what he does best – Dentistry.”

Reward your existing patients with some discounts and offers, in case they bring in some new faces to your clinic. ‘Use your existing customers to get new ones’ is the simple logic behind this system.

5. Email Marketing


Email marketing is still an option for the business’ exposure to people around you. It is a direct & simple way to communicate with your patients. Email marketing is one of the most trusted & popular online marketing channel available to you.

With the proper database and a well-researched database (with the concentration paid to your region, only), you can adopt this technique with ease and with better-delivering results to expand your business.

All you need is to get a list of emails from the people belonging to your region of services. Email marketing is one of the ways to better expose your business and inform people about your existence.

6. Join Community Profiles


Whatever region you live in or work in, there are always some local forum/ online discussion platforms, where you can get yourself registered, and can offer valuable information to the society. The beneficial part concerning you is the same ‘exposure’.

With you getting an exposure in front of the people while connecting with them, offers you a chance to have an increased business and more popularity.

Online Communities are one of the cheapest ways to connect with the people and build relationships.

Build your online presence with community profiles, available quite easily. Remember, you need to be helpful and must imbibe in a contributing attitude within you to gain popularity.

Your dental business depends upon the number of people who know you. Allot some time in making yourself a name amongst the people and offer them the best services and an affordable ones!

Be open to suggestions from people, read the reviews of your patients and develop and customize accordingly.

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