June 20, 2024

App Turns Your Words Into 3D Art

Designers have a tendency to think visually. This is not a strength shared by “non-creatives”, which can sometimes be a greater challenge than the design itself. At times, it seems impossible for other to visualize the design in your head, even after a detail explanation or presenting it in a design pitch. Well, there is now…an app for that.

WordsEye is a unique app that allows you to “type a picture”. The app allows you to “turn your words into art, visual opinion, greetings, single-panel cartoons, and more”. It uses a combination of the same technology used for 3D rendering images and speech tagging to pull information from a database of word and linguistic knowledge called, “Semantic Representation.”

“Enabling a new form of creative expression is our primary thrust, but we see strong applications in education, mobile messaging, VR, and gaming,” –Gary Zamchicks, WordsEye’s CEO.

WordEyeThe app is available for both mobile and web and is fully supported on a powerful cloud infrastructure which means there is no need to install or download any additional software or plugins. View a demo of the app and learn more detail visit WordEye.com. Share your thoughts on use in the comments below.

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