May 20, 2024

Got a Startup Idea? Send it onto @Request4Startup to get Featured

Have you ever thought of something that would really improve your workflow, but you just don’t have the skills to make it?

Request for Startup is a service that brings all these ideas together into one curated feed. Twitter users can send an idea to @Request4Startup for a chance to be featured on the site.

Ideas can get voted on either from the site itself, or via faves/retweets on Twitter. The highest-voted ideas naturally rise to the top for extra visibility.

Then talented developers can check out the list and pick out cool ideas that seem worth building.

You can sort by newest ideas, currently trending ideas, and the top ideas of all-time. This gives everyone a chance to get noticed and (hopefully) see some cool stuff added into the world.

Check out the Request for Startup homepage to see recent ideas or sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Folks who want in on the action should fire out a tweet to @Request4Startup to see if their idea can get listed on the website.

Request for Startup homepage

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