May 20, 2024

10+ Most Useful and Trusted WordPress Plugins

It’s pretty challenging to choose proper WordPress plugins for managing your website from the hundreds of available ones. It’s even harder for WordPress newbies! However, you now have a chance to go through a handpicked collection of the best multipurpose WordPress plugins. They will help you optimize your site in a matter of a minute or even improve the existing one.

You’ll see reputable, most potent and mainly free WordPress plugins. They will help you to handle your WordPress website on different levels properly: maintenance, SEO and, of course, design.

Each of the plugins below performs a specific set of functions, so literally, each can come in handy. If you install only professional and trusted plugins, they will never have a harmful impact on your site, so you may rest assured you are in good hands. Scroll down and see yourself!

Jetpack – a top quality “Swiss knife” WordPress plugin

Jetpack is one of the most used and trusted WordPress plugins to take care of your site from multiple perspectives. It ensures improving performance through content optimization, offers thought-out visitor engagement functionality and lots of smart content tools including those aimed at presentation and promotion, etc.


It offers fundamental features for a WordPress beginner. For example, you’ll save time managing your content for social media as the plugin comes with automatic social media sharing tool, create impressive portfolios with WordPress native image galleries, and so on.

Yoast SEO – most intelligent plugin for website optimization

Yoast SEO is proved to be one of the most effective WordPress search engine optimization plugins. The plugin will quickly guide you through the way of creating a better-optimized content to improve overall SEO rankings eventually.


One of the most loved things about this tool is that in addition to all necessary functionality, the plugin creators always share the best SEO practices of working with their plugin and overall WordPress SEO tips.

Akismet – most used WordPress plugin for spam protection

Both enterprise-size websites and small blogs suffer from spam, so you should have an anti-spam layer of security on your WordPress site. Akismet is just that super popular and trusted plugin to protect your site.


It checks your comments and contact form submissions to maximum prevent spam and not let malicious content go through. The plugin will significantly speed up your site and will save disk space.

W3 Total Cache – website data caching and optimization plugin used by millions

A go-to WordPress plugin to speed and optimize your site efficiently via minifying and compressing posts, pages, feeds, etc. W3 Total Cache works with CDN (content delivery network), database caching, browser caching and more.


The plugin is compatible with various hosting requirements giving you full independence in managing it.

Motopress Page Builder – design your WordPress site with drag and drop

MotoPress Content Editor plugin is one of the most popular and favorite WordPress site builders of many small business sites, bloggers and designers. The plugin lets you visually create pages and posts using diverse content modules like text, image, chart, galleries, tabs, etc that are simply dragged around the page.


It doesn’t require any tech skills and stands out thanks to several important features: it keeps your content intact even with the plugin deactivated (unlike many other alternatives), provides a frontend editing interface and supports more than 50 content modules including WooCommerce.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets – interactive website presentation in search engine results

Always wanted to have that ultimate website presentation in Google, Yahoo or Bing search listing?

This WordPress plugin will help you generate proper snippets for your website in the search results page providing potential visitors with a brief website summary in an engaging format with star ratings, photos, etc.

WordFence – ultimate WordPress website security plugin

Security is a top priority thing for any website – be it a store that deals with online payments or just a blog. Though proper protection requires different layers, Wordfence security plugin, which is trusted by millions of people, can help you solve multiple security problems automatically.


Additionally, WordFence effectively blocks common WordPress security threats like fake Google bots and performs other malicious scans. Constant login security and errors monitoring are guaranteed (including WordPress multisite).

Contact Form 7 – most used quality WordPress contact form plugin

There is no right website without a fully-functional contact form. A well-known Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin is one of the most trusted solutions to solve this problem; it’s very often included in premium WordPress themes by many reputable companies.


Google Analytic Dashboard – all your website analytics data in one place

If you are using Google Analytics tool (and you should do if you want to get data-driven insights for your website), this excellent plugin will help you save some time thanks to storing Google Analytics data in one WordPress dashboard.


This WordPress plugin will provide you with an in-depth page and post reports allowing further segmentation of your analytics data. It will also help you track events like downloads, emails, outbound links, affiliate links, etc.

Google XML Sitemap – helps search engines understand and index your WP site better

Every SEO expert will tell you that XML sitemap is one of the fundamental things in proper website SEO strategy.

This small WordPress plugin lets you generate a handy XML file to add to your site and eventually help search engines like Google or Bing index your site wisely.

This sitemap is a complete structure of your website that is better understood by the search crawlers.

Smush – perfect Image compression and optimization

Images are one of the heavy assets of every website. Hence image optimization is one of the most critical aspects of making a WordPress site more user-friendly and fast-loading.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin, an award-winning optimizer, is doing this work for you on a highly professional level: it lets you resize, optimize and compress your images with a powerful and quality image smasher.

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