• Nice collection,but i think you can give me some more beauty patterns.

  • That’s an interesting post with very creative backgrounds. Thank you so much for sharing !

  • Laura

    Really useful, thank you!

  • Great collection. I especially like the BirdsNBerries and the stripes.

  • These are wonderful! If I were to see a 500+ Pack of the same quality, I would sign up for a pro account for those, alone!

    This collection is a great source of inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  • Nice collection. Thanks for sharing!

  • As always, a very nice collection! For me, subtle backgrounds are the way to go. Throw in a little texture but nothing too crazy.

    • Agreed. Great post and very useful. Thank you so much. If you share more please @brianjking me. Cheers.

  • a lot of them look like my grandmother wallpaper lol. great post.

    • Haha – I have wallpaper similar in the house I rent. I love it though.

  • I’ve been sort of enamored with light effects and textured backgrounds so this is a great addition to my collection.

    I’d like to also throw in the infamous SquidFingers patterns: http://www.squidfingers.com/patterns/
    They’re SMALLER, but seamless, and I’ve loved them for years!

    • Also a great resource – really love the bottom right hand corner on the 1st page.

  • Absolutely awesome collection!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Nice collection of patterns, these would actually be nice for actual products too.

  • Wow, really beautiful collection. I was thinking of making a custom template for Blogger but just was unable to get some cool (actually cute) patterns. I think, I’ve just found them!

  • Beautiful collection, thanks for compiling them. I love the vintage ones.

  • Craig

    Sorry for the NEWBIE question…I love these wallpapers, but how do I use them ‘seamlessly’.

    They’re quite large, do I have to crop them? But I have to crop them in such a way that they’ll be seamless when repeating it across the page right?

    Thanks for any advice,

    P.S. I know how to repeat images across x & y axis via CSS…it’s just the part in Photoshop that’s got me stumped. 🙂

    • Not a newbie question at all. You really have two options:

      You can size the image down, but of course this will make your pattern smaller. This may be something that you will have to play with to see if the patterns still look suitable for you at smaller sizes.

      Then as you mentioned, you could re-crop a smaller section out of the pattern, but you have to make sure it is still seamless. This also will require a little trial and error. Using guides in Photoshop should help you get the edges correct.

      Hope that helps.

  • Thanks alot for these great patterns

  • Julien

    Very nice !
    What about a little application or Illustrator / Photoshop plugin that could help creating pattern with an automatic live tiling preview on the screen ?

  • Thanks for these great patterns. My personal favourite is the swirls, but they are all great 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this brilliant collection!

  • Nice collection of quality patterns. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Thanks for sharing. A time saver for me.

  • Very nice collection. Good inspiration for people who work with pattern.

    Thanks a lot

  • Indeed these are some great patterns and techniques for creating patterns.

    Hopefully they don’t get overused and integrate with in the design well…

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for Nopun.com
    a graphic design studio

  • Tiles are probably the one thing that i find hardest to create or find! great post, some great examples in there

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing this great collection of patterns. These will be very helpful.

  • Great collection. Favs are the Swirls and Ornate Backgrounds. Both sophisticated & simple. Thanks for sharing! #Twitter @JenniferWilke

  • Great collection, bookmrked

  • Really nice collection.

    I’ve seen a few of the patterns before but some of the others will likely work well into an upcoming project.


  • These are beautiful. I’ve had a heck of a time finding seamless patterns that I like. Thank you for putting this collection together.

  • Gives me a lot of choices, great resource … I’ll wear it on our next design project

  • sayan mukherjee

    great collections, thanks for sharing.

  • Nice collection

  • I definitely need some background improvement on my site, but I’m looking for something a little more simple. Perhaps a minimal color texture? In either case, these are some great examples and certainly in style.

  • Thanks for these fantastic patterns 🙂

  • Nadir

    Great stuff.

  • Great collection! Thanks!

  • Great collection!, thanks for sharing…

  • wooow. cool, i’ve been looking for this pattern all day long, thanks mate. good job.

  • osom patterns! thnks!

  • Just wanted to throw in our collection of seamless patterns for Photoshop and Illustrator– check them out! patterns

  • Ruana

    As I recently wrote on mysitemyway.com (back then regarding your icons sets) you are one the best resources for the not-so-wealthy freelancer on the internet I know of. Everything that comes from your site itself (e.g. glossy orbs icons, fire red grunge patterns,…) is of very good quality and I thank you – big time – for your generosity.

  • Very nice collection thanks for sharing 🙂

  • rakesh

    Wow! Very nice patterns.
    Thanks to sharing………

  • Nice collection!

  • Aaaaah! I need a 100 Twitter accounts or so. Really nice collection.

  • Very nice collection thanks. Your page is always worth visiting.

  • beautiful and worthwhile

  • Vee

    thank you soooooooo muach, what a wonderful designs.

  • Filmberichte

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  • autre

    Greetings !
    Looking for some Vintage stuff…
    Thanks for sharing,
    Cheers 🙂

  • Wow, there’s some great backgrounds here. Will definitely use some of these on upcoming projects – cheers!


  • wow..great patterns..can I try them out?

  • Larissa

    Thanks for these – just what I was looking for! 🙂

  • very nice patterns

  • Excellent patterns!
    Greetings from Lima Peru

    Luis Minaya

  • smalllotus


  • Great patterns, beautiful!

  • Jeanette

    There are great, when I set up my site I would love to be able to us these. I have bookmarked just so I can get back quick. Thanks again.

  • Pretty nice post. I will put this to my facebook wall, thank you

  • Nice pattern, thanks

  • Great list. Love the Textured Stripes. Thanks,

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  • wow..Awesome background and nice combination and it’s very attractive design…

  • Cool pattern collection. Time to try some of it.

  • I was looking for a nice pattern for my website although still didn’t find the right one, your patterns gave me an idea to create one.

  • Björn

    Great patterns, was looking for something like this for my site 🙂

  • very nice and useful backgrounds. Thank you very much.

  • Wow – thanks for these – love the vivid red patterns the best.

  • Awesome. As a web designer, I love making websites with using patterns and textures rather than a solid color in the background. These are perfect 🙂

  • Looking for inspiration for a new website project. Thanks for pointing out these great sources!

  • The list of pattern you have here is great!!! You ve added to my source of inspiration.. Thanks for sharing

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