July 14, 2024

15 Awesome Tools That Do The Trick

Our time is limited and we can’t just search the Internet forever for the best tools available out there. That’s why we’ve selected exactly 15 tools and services that do the trick for any business or freelancer. All of them have great features, they’re really easy to use and their prices are really affordable. If you do some research, you will see that all of them have really strong, professional teams behind them that know how to create awesome results and value for you. Enjoy!

  1. Browserling.com

1. browserling-advertising-image-mekanism

Browserling is something you should know about. It really does the trick. It’s an online cross-browser tester with tons of awesome features that let anyone create a more standards-compliant, responsive and bug-free version of their site. Pretty much everyone on this list uses Browserling to make sure their products work in all the browsers.

Let’s get into features straight away. First you can choose from hundreds of browsers and they load in 5 seconds. Next, you can capture screenshots of browsers. Then you can annotate screenshots with Bug Hunter and pinpoint bugs. Need to do local testing on local web server? SSH tunnels have your back. Do you often need to access the same browser? They’ve bookmarklets that let you bookmark your favorite browsers and then access them with a single click on the bookmark. Do you often need to do URL decoding, HTML decoding, JS beautification, or XML to JSON converting? They’ve created amazing web developer tools that have 50+ tools like this (available absolutely for free). As they say – no ads, no garbage, no nonsense – just tools. Press button, get result.

Browserling is trusted by over 15,000 users and huge corporations, such as Blekko/IBM and even the government and NHS, UK’s National Health Service.

The best part of Browserling is that it just works in your browser and you always get access the latest versions of browsers, because they install them as soon as they get released. They have Windows and Android as current operating systems, but iOS, Mac OSX and Linux are coming soon. Go try them out! Theyve a free version available and its totally awesome! (PS. And they’ve an amazing webcomic.)

2. Luckyorange.com

2.Luckyorange.com homepage

Lucky Orange is definitely “lucky”, as it provides you with the best tools and features to turn more visitors into customers on your website! It is a great analytics platform that offers a lot of helpful users’ stats that can make you improve the performance of your website.

For example, they provide you with beautiful heat maps that sum-up all of your visitors’ actions in one clear picture, showing you how people read and interact with your site, by watching their clicks, movement or how far they scroll. You can segment heat map data by location, browser, dates, mobile users, and more. Next, you have a great realtime dashboard, where you can see exactly the people browsing your site at the moment, having the possibility to watch everything they did, talking to them and even co-browsing, to help them with their problems. Finally, another great tool is the polling system, which is fully customizable, can have multiple questions, redirect to URLs, and can be triggered at just the right moment, to give you instant customer feedback. For more, go and have a look yourself!

3. Invoicely.com

3. Invoicely

If you have a work or business that involves sending a lot of invoices to clients, such as being a web designer or freelancer, then Invoicely is here to help you get your finances out of the way, saying “good bye” to the time-wasting paper invoices. It is a free, online solution, that helps you track all your invoices from a single dashboard.

It gives you the chance to create amazing and professional invoices, in any language or currency, in just a few seconds. Then, you can easily send unlimited invoices to your clients, at any account level. If you have multiple businesses with different teams involved, you can still manage them, as Invoicely lets you set up as many businesses as you like. You can add admin and staff members as your business grows and easily set permissions for them. Moreover, with Invoicely you get generated reports, monthly and yearly statements and customizable summaries on your earnings and expenses, invoices, estimates and bills, all to keep your finances in one place. Go check them out for many other great options!

4. Invoiceocean.com

4 Invoiceocean

Do you have multiple business and you want to manage them from the same account? Haven’t you tried InvoiceOcean yet? Then you should try it right now. This app allows you to switch between your businesses really easy with only a few clicks with the option of getting separate reports. Also, you can divide your company in multiple departments. If you want to you can receive different document numbering, reporting and different users for each department, all of this to make your work easier and to help your business prosper. You should as well know that you can access your business information from you smartphone because the InvoiceOcean mobile app is ready to use. You can now add photographed receipts as expenses straight from your mobile device.

5. Sketch to HTML by Xfive.co

5. Sketchtohtml.com

Do you love designing in Sketch, but don’t have time for conversion to HTML or just don’t know how to do it? Sketch to HTML by Xfive will bring your designs to life. All you have to do is press the “Get started” button and let them worry about the rest. Their motto is “Dream, Move, Hope, Do” and that’s because with their help you can achieve your goals and create the best project possible.

6. uKit.com

6 uKit.com

Though uKit has been launched a year ago, it has already forced its way to the top.  It received much attention from review services and was highly rated by http://mmthomasblog.com/. The main highlights of the system are a simple drag-and-drop editor and a wide choice of themed widgets, which makes it really simple to put together a professional website in minutes by simply manipulating the elements like in LEGO. With over 240 professional-looking themes, a mobile responsive version, and included web hosting, uKit is definitely a good choice to put your business on the Web.

7. Mobirise.com

7 Mobirise.com

With the immense spread of advanced online technologies, which have already become a significant part of our everyday life, creating a website that will attract the attention of your target audience and keep them interested in your business is vital. By using this website builder, you will be able to create a site that will be accessible on any mobile device, which is crucial for those users, who have got used to browsing through the web on the go.
Apart from the convenient web design options, Mobirise team has made it possible to host the newly created website on any platform of your choice with regard to your business or personal needs. What’s more, there are no hidden charges involved when it comes to using this website builder. The tool is free for all users, with no exceptions.

8. Dealfuel.com

8. Dealfuel.com

DealFuel is pretty popular, thanks to its amazing web designer deals that it offers, from WordPress themes, webpage tools, online tutorials and eBooks, to templates, SEO tutorials and graphic tools, such as icons, badges, mockups, Photoshop actions and more. It has a special “Freebies” section, where you can get some great deals (worth hundreds of dollars) for free! So if you are looking to save a good deal of money and quality time, head straight out there.

9. Photowoa.com

9 Photowoa

These awesome guys from PhotoWhoa provide you with curated products to improve your photography. From some great tutorials from Lindsay Adler, ebooks from Michael Zelbel, guides from Ana Brandt – you have it all here (Difficult to believe?)You can find something for every photographer, from glamour and weddings to portraits, or even food photography, all of them at discount prices! In addition , you can manage to get your hands on some photography gear, such as flashes, wireless triggers, camera straps and camera filters at unbelievable prices.

10. Cyberchimps.com

10 Cyberchimps

Get 100% responsive and SEO-optimised WordPress themes; that can help you grow your website, making it more beautiful and professional looking. CyberChimps provides you wide range of themes, covering various niches, such as restaurants, blogs, travel companies and more. You can join CyberChimps Club, that gives you access to all their 40 WordPress Themes and Plugins – and all new releases too!

11. Onlinelogodesign.us

11 onlinelogodesign

To own an inspired logo is the first step to business success and also an important part in brand and social marketing. OnlineLogoDesign offers a team of hand-picked designers at different prices (from $99 to $299) to create yours. Just by looking at their portfolio, which contains over 20 000 examples, you can be sure by their excellence. Go have a glance!

12. Freelogodesign.me

12 .freelogodesign

A free logo might seem a dream request, but you can actually get one at FreeLogoDesign. After you send them a request, they will send you an icon three days later, at most. They give away five icons daily and have tons of fresh designers eager to make an incredible logo, to pass an exam to get a job. With such a great offer, why on Earth wouldn’t you give it a try?

13. Colorlib.com

13 Colorlib

Pinbin” is a clean, minimalistic, beautiful and responsive theme inspired by Pinterest. It is ideal for graphic and web designers, photographers and many other creatively related activities. It is a portfolio theme, making it the perfect choice for any artist who is looking to create his or her own site with their work. If you are one of those creative people don’t waste any more time and download it!

14. MotoCMS.com


Launching a website from scratch in just a few minutes seems to be quite a complicated task, unless… you use MotoCMS. This website builder offers a selection of tools, which make the process much simpler even for inexperienced users.
An intuitive WYSIWYG editor comes with step-by-step guidelines, following which you will cope with the task in no time. A user -friendly interface and a collection of high quality templates help create websites, which are both functional and professionally looking. Versatility of web design features, in its turn, contributes to the efficacy of the process and helps improve the search engine ranking of the website.

15. Typeform.com



Typeform represents the next-generation of online forms. You can build surveys, quizzes, 360 degree feedback forms, and simple apps. For devs, Typeform has an API so you can integrate its beautiful interface into your next project. You can start using Typeform for free, and upgrade to utilize more advanced features. Take it for a spin today. No sign-up required.


Having the right tools and services at your disposal will make the trick for you. These 15 tools are among the best solutions available and were tested by many companies and freelancers. Try them on your own !




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