July 18, 2024

5 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Visitors

A site that simply looks good and draws an audience isn’t enough. If you’re missing even one vital element for an effective website, you’re missing out on conversions. The good news is that even small changes to your site can pay off in big numbers—and quickly. Here are 5 tips to make your website convert more visitors.

1. Keep it simple

You’ve crammed graphics, content and every other element you can think of onto your landing page, hoping that an informed visitor is a motivated visitor. The fact is, your overwhelmed audience is far more likely to bounce off your page than to try to wade through all that clutter. Keep it clean and focused. Emphasize what your visitors need to know with a few well-placed bullet points of information. And keep any fill-in forms brief—no one likes filling out a lengthy form!

5 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Visitors

2. Post great content

You may think your product is so good it practically sells itself, and perhaps that’s true. But if no one knows about your company, no one will pay attention to what you’re selling. Great content draws visitors. A well-written product description, tailored to your target audience, will provide more incentive to convert than a page filled with product stats. Publishing articles on your site that tie into your brand will also engage your visitors and keep them coming back, as well as boost your authority and enhance your online presence. More targeted content, enhanced customer trust and increased brand awareness means more conversions.

5 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Visitors

3. Add engaging elements

A bouncing banana graphic isn’t engaging; it’s an eyesore. Add simple, clean elements that focus on your brand and appeal to your audience. Incorporate pictures or videos that connect with your viewers on a personal level. Employ technologies like parallax scrolling to enhance your visitors’ experience. The more your audience enjoys your website, the more conversions will result.

5 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Visitors

4. Clear call to action

This one seems like a no-brainer, but many businesses bury their call to action beneath confusing, distracting or even misleading information. Your site’s call to action should be obvious, prominently displayed and emphasized with visual clues. Lead visitors quickly and clearly into the desired action, and you’ll enjoy more conversions.

5 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Visitors

5. Test

Not sure if something on your website is performing well? Test it! A/B testing enables you to test every aspect of your site, from color to graphics to content, to gain better insight into visitor behavior and determine what yields the best results.

5 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More VisitorsImage by Jonathan Howell

A good-looking website is important, but conversions are the real key to success. Incorporate these five elements, and you’ll benefit from more followers, increased brand recognition and a serious boost in conversions-and that’s good news for any business!


Jared Chelf is the founder of Coulee Creative, an award winning web design agency with a passion for helping their clients grow. Follow Coulee Creative on Twitter, like them on Facebook or check out their blog for more tips.


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