May 11, 2021

6 Streetwear Brands You Should Be Wearing

Deer Dana:

Why is everyone so obsessed with Deer Dana? Because this streetwear brand, created by New York City artist Dana Veraldi and her partner Kevin Tekinel, has the coolest t-shirts ever. (And I’m not being dramatic.) You can buy a shirt that pays homage to Cindy Crawford (yes, the Cindy Crawford) for only $60. Ummm, yes! Cindy isn’t the only celeb getting a mention, Deer Dana pays tribute to multiple Hollywood icons by sketching their faces on the front of their shirts and adding a special touch, so no shirt looks the same. Everyone loves to feel special and unique, and Deer Dana caters very nicely to the narcissistic fashion-lover in all of us. No wonder celebrities like Jay-Z and Kristen Stewart have no problem supporting this brilliant brand.


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