May 11, 2021

6 Streetwear Brands You Should Be Wearing

Crooks and Castles:

This LA brand was founded in 2002 by two men, Robert Panlilio and Dennis Calverowith, who had a very clear vision of who their target audience was. “Clothing for the crooks.” The word “Crooks” pays homage to pimps and hustlers. While the word “Castles” focuses on people who got rich from stealing. Which I guess is relatable to a lot of people….? Interesting. But, I digress. Crooks and Castles has a very simple and not insanely expensive (most sweatpants around $60) streetwear look which is reminiscent of fashion trends in the early 90s. Oh, and did I mention both Kanye West and Jay-Z have endorsed this brand? Need I say more?



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