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20 Free Retro and Vintage Fonts to Use in 2018

The memories of yesterday evoke a sense of nostalgia in all of us. Retro years usually refer to the time before nowadays, up to the last century. Images from 1900 up to late 1980 comes to mind first. Retro and vintage designs are determined by typography. So, if you are going to work on some...

Muse For You - Staggered Animations Widget - Adobe Muse CC - Web Design Ledger

Create a Staggered Animation Sequence in Adobe Muse

Create a Staggered Animation Sequence in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.    In the video tutorial above I go over how to use the Staggered Animations Widget found at With this widget you can create a staggered animation sequence with multiple elements – All with just one graphic style name. FEATURES INCLUDE: Animate...

Draw the 2016 Instagram Logo in Illustrator

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to draw the 2016 Instagram logo in Adobe Illustrator. The Steps (1-19) 1. Create a new document. 2. Select the Rectangle Tool and hold Shift to draw a square. Give this shape a black fill and remove any strokes. 3. Using the handles inside the shapes’ corners, drag...

50 Retro and Vintage Web Designs to Inspire You

Last Friday (March, 26th), Henry posted an article with 30 Fonts Perfect for Vintage and Retro Style Design and I simply loved the first font of the list, the matchbook typefaces. By the time I saw it I could think of several good ways to use it in web design, print design on even other ways. I was so inspired that I decided to do a selection of retro and vintage websites for our weekly web design inspirational post. I really like retro and vintage stuff... websites, posters, print, adds, everything.


Instagram is Finally Available on Windows

At last, Instagram has come to Windows — yes, you read that right! You can now download the public beta of the Instagram mobile app for Windows, which is available in the Microsoft Store starting today.

30 Vintage Fonts Perfect for Retro Style Design

A Vintage or retro style design is meant to transport it’s audience decades into the past. Designers try to do this by using various design elements such as textures and patterns from a certain time period. But it’s also important to use accurate typography from the time period you are trying to represent. In this...

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