April 12, 2024

Adobe Reveals New Creative Cloud Mobile Apps

Apple hosted a large special release event on September 9th in San Francisco. This included revelations of a new iPad Pro, new WatchOS, along with details about the iPhone 6S.

But interestingly enough this also included a brief presentation by Adobe’s Director of Mobile Design Eric Snowden. He demonstrated a few of Adobe’s new mobile applications that may revolutionize the way Creative Cloud designers do their work.

Apple Adobe event presentation

One such product is Adobe Comp CC which is a wireframing & layout design tool. It’s made for the iPad and it’s meant to connect seamlessly into Adobe’s preexisting workflow.

This means anything you design in Adobe Comp can be shared & edited inside Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. The idea is to keep people working on-the-go. Comp CC is meant to be a quick editing platform where designers can make changes, start a new project, or push small updates before moving back to the desktop.

Similarly the presentation included demos of Adobe Photoshop Sketch along with a new mobile image editing app named Photoshop Fix.

It seems these are still very new programs that are still working their way into the Adobe marketplace.

More details will be released at Adobe’s MAX Conference in early October. Curious creatives should keep their eyes & ears open for any news about these applications, their benefits to the creative workflow, and their potential release for Android devices down the road.

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