June 18, 2024

Breaking Down Design with BBC’s Inez Torre


“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you’re just starting you can’t possibly be expected to know everything.”

Inez Torre

Inez Torre: Designer, Creator, Innovator


Inez Torre can only be described as a result of what occurs when incredible talent and industrious work ethic collide in a perfect storm. The Portugal born, London based designer is an industry leader, with her take on creative design, sharing her talents with companies the likes of AKA UK, The Economist, Guardian Labs, and CNN.


Starting her path to success in the gorgeous city of Viseu and it’s Instituto Politécnico de Viseu, Inez Torre learned how to craft her art in a spectacular fashion. Furthering her learning by attending the University for the Creative Arts in England, she left their Masters program to embark upon a more than stellar career.


Now Inez works as the Senior UX Designer for the British Broadcasting Corporation’s iPlayer website, and works to bring her talented view of design and vamp the broadcasting giant’s already illustrious organization. Inez Torre has taken this chance to express her take on the modern design industry.


What’s your opinion on the Design Industries current trends?


‘Trends’ would be considered a passing thing, and while they apply to visual styles, in terms of the user experience I see new techniques to create a greater immersion and fluidity of the designs as a constant evolution. They won’t disappear once the new trend comes along, they will influence it. Personally I quite like the simplicity of Material Design, it feels alive and allows for great flexibility.

Horror films are a personal favorite for Inez

Horror films are a personal favorite for Inez

Where do you see the industry’s direction going towards?

Design with the user as primary focus. UX Design is now so present in the industry, and it seems to be still expanding.


What trends do you hope to see more of and continued to be developed upon?


Interaction design incorporating motion graphics. VR is on the rise at the moment and as experiences become more and more immersive, the interactions within the user journey will be increasingly more important.

Courtesy of CNN International

Courtesy of CNN International

What would you like to tell someone who is just starting, or

have a desire to start getting into design?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you’re just starting you can’t possibly be expected to know everything. And asking questions doesn’t mean you know little, it just means you want to know more.


What one Sci-Fi technology would you want to have

right now,and what would you do with it?


Tough to pick just one…but I’d probably go with teleportation as it’d save me all the time wasted commuting!

Chart designed for AIDS Day

Chart designed for AIDS Day

If you could give the person you were when you began on your

career one piece of advice, what would you tell yourself?


Remember what you love designing and do it! Starting as a freelancer, I often would overwork myself with projects that would completely kill my motivation. It would’ve been so much better for me if I took the time to also pursue my own projects. I eventually realized that and it does help balance things out!



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