Clever Examples of Negative Space in Logo Design

By / Feb 18, 2011 / Inspiration

We talk about negative space quite a bit here on WDL. It can be a very important element in a design, especially in logos. Clever designers can create shapes around and inside the main elements to help reinforce the meaning or message of the logo. When done well, it’s a thing of beauty. I can’t get enough of logos like these. When I come across good ones, I have to share them. So here are some more clever examples of negatives space in logo design.

negative space

negative space

negative space

negative space

negative space

negative space

negative space

negative space

negative space

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negative space

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About the Author

Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • Ravikumar V.

    Really wonder ful collections and inspiration.. Thank you so much :)

  • Adam

    Very nice examples of logo design, I just really don’t like the texture of Chicos Chicken.

  • Berthold

    I have to wonder whether all of these are live. While most of them look great, I feel like some of them really fail to explain anything about the company behind the brand. While that is of course not a prerequisite, small brands should not be too creative before they get a certain traction.

    Some of these are plain weird, like Empire dentistry that looks like anything but dentistry. Clever, but not smart.

    The custom typo treatment for Safari on the other hand is gorgeous.

    Is it just me or is the oak bros logo reminicient of holly?

  • Mo

    Its amazing how much of a rock of an imagination I have. Great inspiration here! Thank you

  • raybak

    very clever indeed, these are all just great ideas and then transformed into great looking logos

  • Johan

    ZipHub looks awesome, great solution with just the text :)

  • Chandni Patel

    Hello Henry

    You have posted some really great and “clever” logo designs here. I absolutely love logo’s with a great use of negative spaces.

    Simple and effective designs.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ian Austin

    Great logos, but you forgot probably the most popular of them all – FedEx.

  • Am

    Brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration on a Friday!

  • BebopDesigner

    Wow! Dig is definitely my favourite… it’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing

    • Ned

      I agree mate,
      It is brilliant

  • Sebastian

    You just missed ~$0.10 because you don’t have flattr on your blog – bad luck!

  • Bryan K

    I’d question the eightbones logo. Looks a little like…
    But Star Dental is the best of the collection. Clever logos work best when people hit that “aha” moment in experiencing it. Took me a second to see the teeth, but once I did, the shape of teeth and the 2 stars (there are two…) became the larger whole.

  • raymer

    cool, but does anyone think the rooster bakery logo, looks a little like the kellogs logo ??

  • Theo

    Inspiring examples in this article, thanks!

  • Jay B.

    Dig, Oak Bros and Stardental are definitely my favourite ! All the logos are awesome anyway, but these three really got me. I absolutely agree with you Henry, negative space is great looking and every clever designer of logos should use it at least once. One can be much more creative with negative spacing.

  • Angelee

    I admire simple logos, some are designed to be talking already. @Berthold got a point though.

  • ivana

    simple logos. Thumbs up!

  • Adrian

    Love the roostar logo!!!

  • Brett

    Very clean and compelling designs

  • Alex

    Great job by the designers!
    Truly inspirational logos.