July 19, 2024

Drupal 8 Released With a Powerful New Suite of Tools

Drupal 3

The popular open source CMS just released their latest update Drupal 8. Their latest release hope to create better user experiences for anyone using the CMS for their business or personal website. Drupal 8 features a whole new suite of tools and capabilities, including native support for integrations, API-first publishing and better performance and scalability. In addition Drupal now includes enhanced testing with KernelTestBase, for quick API testing of how well various components are integrated.

As a thank you for  their contribution of over 3K people and 1,228 companies, Drupal is sharing its success with its large community using the #celer8D8.

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Visit the site to download the latest version or click here to demo the platform. Share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Hemang Rindani Reply

    Drupal 8 has some significant changes that are mainly focused towards providing a better user experience. One of the most important inclusion is CKEditor that provides functionalities like word document to edit the web content. With the emerging business needs, this features becomes important to maintain the web content. Another notable change is the addition of responsive images that works well with any device and can be managed through a self-explanatory dashboard. Overall the latest functions make Drupal more user friendly CMS.

  2. Shipra Kaul Reply

    The new features of Drupal has been explained beautifully by the author. The new release has some cool features which will help in creating an enhanced user experience. Good job! Thanks

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