July 17, 2024

OpenTED wants your TED Talk Ideas

The OpenTED Project is an initiative that works as a branch of the TED Foundation, known as the popular platform for speeches by assorted experts and personalities on various topics.

TED has always been recognized as high-quality content from great presenters. It’s also been a somewhat closed event where only certain people are invited to submit ideas – until now.

The OpenTED project is open to everyone and looking for submissions for great new talks.

OpenTED launched recently as an experiment and invites anyone to share their own video of a particular social, scientific, political or just innovative idea. The open experiment from TED is open to anyone who can submit their idea in video form and encourages users to push for innovative thinking and expression in brand new ways.

The only restrictions imposed by the OpenTED project are that submissions must be in video form and must be of no more than 6 minutes in duration for the sake of brevity. Audio recordings, slide decks, and written submissions are not allowed.

OpenTED project TEDtalk homepage

The most interesting part of the new project is that the best submissions will be chosen for consideration as possible inclusions in an official (and widely popular) TED talk of the day.

Folks who participate in OpenTED can either share their own videos or those of someone else in their name, so long as the videos abide by TED’s terms and conditions.

The final deadline for all video submissions ends on Thursday the 15th of October, 2015.

According to the OpenTED webpage there are no hard and fast rules for what constitutes a potential TED Talk idea.  People who submit their ideas can use the most common format of simply delivering a speech for the stage, or they can experiment and explore a wide range of delivery options via video.

The main point of all submissions is that they be in video format and center on a central idea.

Possible ideas can be massive, globally minded concepts or they can focus on specific niche goals. Most importantly, all ideas should focus on making viewers think about or act on something they hadn’t before considered.

More information about the OpenTED project and its aims can be found here.


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