April 23, 2024

A Job Board for Remote Programming & IT Gigs

Countless job boards focus on topics ranging from design to development, but most of them mix results for part-time and full-time work.

An interesting website named Remotejobs actually focuses solely on remote work. This can include all forms of programming for desktop software, mobile applications, or web development. You’ll also find general tech/engineering jobs as well as infrequent design jobs.

Remotejobs is meant to be an alternative for folks who are unable or unwilling to relocate for work. It can be a great way to find freelance gigs, or even permanent positions telecommuting.

Remotejobs listing homepage

The list updates frequently with dozens of new jobs added every week. You can search based on criteria like programming languages or platforms(Android, Windows, etc).

Each link goes out to a separate page where the job was originally found. This is great because the site acts more like a link directory than a full job board – so you can find work opportunities located anywhere. Job postings are added daily with a newsletter that goes out every-so-often.

Here’s a quote directly from the Remotejobs page:

Our mission is to support the growth of the virtual workforce by providing this simple and effective tool to make it hassle free for jobseekers to find the perfect remote job and employers alike to reach all the best candidates out there.

If you’re a remote worker then there’s bound to be something listed here regardless of your digital skillset. If you’re in need of work then consider Remotejobs as your personal online want ads.

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