July 18, 2024

Ryan Carson & Treehouse’s 32-Hour Work Week

The Atlantic recently did a small video piece with Ryan Carson, CEO & founder of the online learning website Treehouse.

Treehouse was founded as a way for people with little-to-no knowledge of design/development to teach themselves the prerequisite skills to get a job in the industry. It has flourished since being originally founded and offers a tremendous amount of information for types of digital creatives.

In a short 5-minute video clip, Ryan talks about Treehouse’s 32-hour work week and why he starkly imposes a 4-day week for his employees(and himself).

It’s an interesting look into the machinations of Treehouse. But more than this it’s an interesting look at a modern 21st century company that’s building a framework for happy employees and profitability.

If you have the time check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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