May 28, 2024

The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design

A web design is made up of various components, all working together to accomplish a goal – whether it be building a community or selling a product. These parts must compliment each other in a way that creates a good experience for the user. Miss the mark on one element and potential subscribers or sales could be lost, but execute correctly on all parts and chances are you will have created an effective web design. Here’s an infographic that helps break it down for you.

Click to enlarge.


Dona Collins is a financial writer for and you can visit CreditLoan blog to find more of her work.


  1. Stephen Kistner Reply

    Very nice! The one thing I don’t fully understand though are the salary sections at the end. Is the first one supposed to be for salaries in the past and the second one for salaries in the future?

    1. ASpikes Reply

      Very nice Infographic 🙂 but to get back to your question, yes the first one shows the salaries from the past and the second one the salaries in the future

  2. Tom Cash Reply

    This is really interesting. I did enjoy the part about salaries and experience, etc. However, I do feel that it was a little off topic. 😐 Unless I was missing something.

  3. Ben Reply

    After reading lots of blog posts its refreshing to see this. Some colour, minimal text, and straight to the point!

    You lose points for reminding me how bad my wage is though 😛


  4. Chris Reply

    The second part of the infographic has little to do with effective web design. It’s about web designers. This is nice, but should be broken into two separate infographs with more information in the 1st/original.

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