July 19, 2024

21 Excellent Examples of Sliders in Web Design

A while back we showcased here a list of 30 Inspiring Examples of Slideshows in Web Design and we also had a post showing 13 Super Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials. Slideshows and sliders are really interesting elements for organizing and showcasing content. They are not only used for images but also for general content and website navigation. So check out these examples and get some inspiration for how you might use a slider in your next project.

Filtered – A Portfolio WordPress Theme

Filtered is a portfolio WordPress theme that has a home page slider for showcasing your best work.

portfolio wordpress theme

Mark Dearman

An example of HTML5 website using an elegant and beautiful layout and image slider. Use the arrows to navigate and change both images in most of the examples.



HTML5 once again. Beautiful textured background, nice color scheme and image slider.



Once again a beautiful combination of HTML5, nice colors, texture and typography. Clean and elegant arrows to help you navigate the images.


Stiff Rowlands

Simple and straight forward layout and image slider.



Clean layout with elegant arrows to help you navigate the images.


Buro Maisengasse

Clean layout with a nice color scheme. Arrows at both sides of the page you slide you through the images.


Mathieu Clauss

Another beautiful example of HTML5 website. Nice and clean image slider that will show the arrows only if you hover the image, if not, the navigation circles on the left side of the image will show you ‘where you are’.



Great colors, typography and texture. Once again HTML5 and a nice and clean slider.


Idyllic Creative

Clean layout. A framed image slider where arrows will appear if you hover the image, otherwise they will change automatically.



Nice and colorful HTML5 website. Simple and effective image slider with arrows that help you checking the images in case you don’t to wait for them to change automaticaly.


Crows Nest

In this clean and minimal design the sliders will help you navigate important tweets about ad/design/tech.


Escape Module Studio

Nice dark design that allow you to slide sideways to check images and down to check clients.


Allan Yu

Super clean and elegant HTML5 website. Arrows to navigate the page and also the images.


Marco Rotoli

Another HTML5 example, here we have sideways arrows to browse projects and image sliders to show project details.



Nice and clean horizontal scroller slider. Also a HTML5 website.


Banneton Bakery

Beautiful layout, texture, images and slider here.


Saville’s Dovecotes

Clean and minimal layout with “hover” arrow slider on the main image and also slider to navigate products.



Clean, minimal, beautiful and pretty self explanatory.



Super clean and beautiful layout with a nice and effective image slider.


Jérôme Détraz

Really cool layout with sliders that help you navigate projects.



The Best Designs


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  1. M Reply

    Thank you very much for the article, really interesting !

    Just a question : do you know some good “full width” sliders ? Especially in blog design ?

  2. Tristar Web Design Reply

    There is such a quality amount of designs here. I agree with Ralph, the Buro Maisengasse slider is fantastic. I like Allen Yu, Ptarmak and Savilles is a beautiful site in which the clean slider reflects the overall feel of the website. I will be using these for inspiration for a long time to come.

  3. Paul Wallas Reply

    Would you not say these were examples of Carousels without the status indicator? A slider is something you would usually use to determine a start and end point? I may be wrong, just my opinion

  4. CT Website Design Reply

    Thanks for the post. I am trying to come up with a design on a new website. cxxvi and Banneton Bakery got my creative juices flowing. Overall all the designs you posted are great, but for some strange reason these 2 really inspired me.

  5. Justin Reply

    Excellent examples! Does anyone know the name of the font used on the Instrument website for the main title and headers?

  6. Angelee Reply

    Awesome MARK DEARMAN! Looks like a playful slider to me but really great slides. Hope I would know how to create sites like these.. esp the html5.

  7. Patrick Reply

    I’m sorry, but tiny hard-to-hit dots may look pretty, but they’re really, really bad UI design. It tells the user nothing about what’s on the other slides, or why they should click (or wait) to see them.

  8. Sian Reply

    What’s happened to graphic design? Some very clever functions which are too fussy and just take your eye away from what you should be looking at. And typography! We all know that web fonts are not the most creative bunch of letters, but sacrificing legibility for the latest cut of a font is not good design!
    Some good stuff too, but lets not lose sight of design.

  9. Alastair - Slider developer Reply

    The most of slider is content based and truly they are exceptional and looks much compromising then the image sliders. I must say that the concept of using content slider is not dead and here at webdesignledger you people are keeping it alive.
    Thanks for inspiration.

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