April 17, 2024

How to Build X Theme Websites for Business

These days, everyone from designers, to doctors, restaurants, and retailers, make themselves known through professional websites. So, every time you take a job, you have to do your best and give that business the converting pad it deserves. Here is how you can build an X Theme website for your business.

That goal is well within reach with X Theme. Every time you take a license, you come up with a unique website based on one of four individual designs or Stacks. A live preview editor, plus many shortcodes and plugins are close at hand. Planned updates are also coming soon.

Your Stack is Your Foundation

In the first stage, imagine what your business website should look like. You are looking for a clean-cut design that makes a serious statement. Out of the Stacks from X Theme (Integrity, Renew, Icon, Ethos), Integrity is exactly what you need.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so seize it. Create a bold landing page with a straightforward welcome message, and a call to action button immediately after. Expand the website with a shop page, if it suits your business. Also, a blog and portfolio should not be missing. You need them to build a reputation, and so the audience can fully grasp what you’re about. Use the standard or masonry layouts provided by Integrity to set up distinct pages.

Aesthetic tricks and tweaks render a more sophisticated apparel for your business home page. For instance, let the background image show through a transparent header section. And, switch the entire color scheme to a sleek light or dark version. With Integrity, you’re one click away from maximizing the professional appearance of your business website.

Take a Peek

Every website made with the Integrity Stack is one-of-a-kind. You can draw some inspiration, though, from these samples:

Your business website can look just as great, if not better! Remember, potential customers are drawn to large motion backgrounds.

For more eye candy, click on the following links.

How You Customize

You’re now ready to craft an elegant website for business. Easier said than done? Not quite, when you’re working with X Theme. You see, the Customizer is incredibly user-friendly. Let me guide you through it.

You find the Customizer in your WordPress admin panel, under Appearance > Customize.

Welcome to your studio! You’re now faced with a split screen: the main window to the right, and your theme options to the left. Notes are scribbled next to each option, so you get a good idea of what you can accomplish with it. The second you try something, your main window shows a live preview of your action’s result in the bigger website context. Take back what doesn’t work for you, and let end users see the version you choose to save and publish.

When you’ve gone through this process several times, there may be a set of options that you wish to replicate for other projects. That would help you save a lot of time in the long run! Ever used the WordPress Importer plugin? X Theme has similar functions to Import and Export settings across multiple domains. All instructions are in the Import/Export sections of the Customizer sub-menu.

What Extensions You Should Use

Plugins are essential components of a functional website. Business websites need plugins that focus on marketing, above all. However, you must also integrate tools that enhance user experience, where they are available. And then, think about measuring the incoming traffic at certain intervals.

X Theme has 15 Extensions for many purposes. Some are custom-made in Theme.co’s own back yard, and others are third-party WordPress plugins (with their own native settings) that have a super-fast loading time on your web page. Purchase a license, and after you verify it, activate and manage your Extensions from the sub-menu item under the Add-ons menu.

Muster the full strength of X Theme’s Extensions to power up your business website. Consider MailChimp Integration, Slider Revolution, Content Dock, Video Lock, Custom 404, Disqus Comments and Google Analytics.

You need every page to have guided action, and convert as many visitors as possible into subscriptions and sales. If you customize a fancy e-mail opt-in form, and leave it in plain sight all the time, the conversion rate increases. The MailChimp Integration from X Theme is very useful, and easy to work with.

And then, there’s Content Dock. Choose images, links, and text to suggest a deal, or recent posts to read. You can even use some shortcodes, such as [recent posts], and style up as you please. Display content and marketing offers in a box that slides on screen from the right or left, as your users scroll down the page.

Video offers are even more effective in reaching prospective customers. Upload a video, and delay its loading time to match with the content of your page. Insert a heading and subheading, then pick any of three pre-groomed marketing buttons (or style your own) and call people to action. The Video Lock is responsive and endlessly configurable. You also have the option to dictate a specific video width, if you like.

Turn the tide for all incidental 404 errors that pose a threat to your business website’s good name. Custom 404 is an extension that enables you to use shortcodes, a background image, and text – to kill the nightmare of clicking on broken links. The Under Construction extension serves a similar purpose.

Finally, monitor user engagement with the Google Analytics extension.

Ready, Steady, Go!

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your copy of X Theme today! There’s no other theme in existence that gives so much for so little. Get it now and start making gorgeous business websites, websites that actually live to see phenomenal surges of incoming traffic.

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