April 23, 2024

13 Pure CSS Techniques for Creating JavaScript-like Interactions

We all know that JavaScript allows us to do great things when it comes to user interfaces, but with a little imagination and creativity, the same types of effects can be created with only CSS. Here are 13 tutorials that teach you how to push the limits of CSS and make it do things that we’re not accustomed to it doing. You’ll notice that some of these techniques can be very useful, while others are simple for proving it can be done.

How To Create a Pure CSS Polaroid Photo Gallery

css only

Creating a Bubble Coda Style with CSS3

css only

Accordion using only CSS

css only

How to Create a Fancy Image Gallery with CSS3

css only

CSS3 Hover Tabs without JavaScript

css only

Create a JQuery Content Slider Using Pure CSS

css only

How to Create a Valid Non-Javascript Lightbox

css only

Pure Css Data Chart

css only

Bubble Effect with CSS

css only

CSS Image Switcher

css only

Pure Css Line Graph

css only

CSS Image Switcher

css only

Pure CSS Timeline

css only


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  1. Sumeet Chawla Reply

    CSS3 is really powerful and a lot of jQuery tricks will become obsolete once CSS3 is standardized and supported by all the browsers 🙂

    I didn’t like the content slider (even though props to the author for implementing it in such an awesome way) because if the user wants to go to the previous page, then on clicking the back button, the previous slide is being displayed rather than going to the previous page 😐

  2. Damian Smith Reply

    I didn’t realise how much you could actually do with CSS3!

    All I have been using so far is drop shadows and the odd curved corner. It’s a shame really because I do like my sites to be as compliant as possible and usually have the w3c compliance on the bottom of every site, but using these techniques that is no longer possible… although… I found a way to link it so it shows CSS3 compliance results only 🙂

    Other downer is the amount of people that will actually be able to view CSS3! Im pretty sure that most people still use IE and IE is poor with CSS3.

    Still, some really nice examples of CSS here, really like the Polaroid photo effect, would work well with a lightbox gallery or obviously a CSS version.

  3. @scottcorgan Reply

    Dang, I was excited about JQuery. I guess I have to get excited that IE probably owns Javascript and therefore won’t support the CSS that kills it. Hmm, conspiracy?

  4. Teylor Feliz (Admix Web) Reply

    Thanks for including my two tutorials, “How to Create a Fancy Image Gallery with CSS3” and “Creating a Bubble Coda Style with CSS3.” I am very honored to be included! Great list and Thanks for sharing!

  5. Xcellence IT Reply

    awesome collection of tutorials…

    thanks for sharing this wonderful resources…

    I’m going to put css polaroid photo gallery in of our clients’ site i’m working on…

    thanks for this great idea…

    Xcellence IT

  6. ddeja Reply

    Great collection! Can’t wait to use some of those techniques on my websites. Becouse of the JS they are getting heavier and heavier every day…

    Thank you one more time.

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