July 17, 2024

50 Delightful Android Mobile App Icons

With seemingly everyone jumping onto the smartphone bandwagon it’s no surprise that Google has taken their slice of the pie. Google’s Android operating system is quite popular among techies and non-techies alike. The Google Play store has given Apple’s App Store a run for it’s developers(and money).

This surge of enthusiasm towards Android content has created a huge marketplace for programmers and designers. Mobile apps are still very popular and the growing app economy is a bustling business full of opportunity. For anyone interested in app design I’ve put together this gallery of 50 unique Android mobile app icons. These examples should offer a rhythmic sense of composition and design influence when it comes to matching styles on the Google Play store.


paperama blueprint android game icon

Weather App

generic colorful cloud weather icon

Udemy Project

flat android app udemy project mobile

Flat Camera

simple flat camera app icon

GloveBox Icon

glovebox android app icon

Camera Lens

single camera lens app icon design


godville android app icon design

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

android ice cream sandwich custom app icon

Flat Rocket

flat rocket app android icon

Softserve Discount

softserve discount app icon android map

Rive Radio

pink colorful rive radio android app icon


facebook messenger app icon android


minicam app android flat icon

Pool Table

felt pool table green icon android

Space Bubbles

shoot bubbles space android app game icon

Vault App

vault app icon android design

Google Material Icon

google material style android app icon

My Galaxy

mygalaxy android app icon design


zwirl paint android app icon


gridsplash product icon design mobile


pishpirik app icon android mobile


wopovi android white simple app icon design


doit im task android app icon

TT Icon

tt orange icon speech android app

Smart For Life

smart for life scale app icon


groovemixer music synth android app icon

Casette Lollipop

casette flat android lollipop icon


go drumset music android app icon

New Fork

new fork app icon android inspiration


piano music android app icon


codebook mobile app android icon

Dream Journal

dream journal flat app icon android

Escape Pods

escape pod android icon

Treasure Cannon

treasure cannon game app icon

Colorful App Icon

glossy colorful app icon camera


blanket android app icon


usetool android application icon design

Pebble App

pebble app icon boxes design

Tag Icon

simple blue green flat tag icon


colormania android mobile app icon


filmoteka education mobile app icon

Selfie Challenge

selfie chalenge android app icon

Rocket Messenger

rocket messenger blue app icon design

Car Starter

dark glossy car starter android app icon design

Irregular Verbs

android mobile app icon folder

Dhivehi Reader

dhivehi reader app icon android


pexogram android app icon design

Out of the Box

out of the box android game app mouse cheese

Grocery King

grocery king android mobile app icon

Address Book

skeuomorphism android address book app icon

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.

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