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Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

Conferences are a great place to elevate your talent and creativity, and web design conferences are a great opportunity for developers, programmers, ecommerce experts and other businesses to meet each other and share their unique expertise. The snowball of web design conferences which was rolled out soon after the boom of internet has transformed into an incessant stream of events. The tradition of web design conferences in the IT sector does not seem to come to an end, and it has brought with it some of the most exciting events for the year 2014 as well.

Following is the list of most anticipated web design conferences in 2014:


Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

jQuery is bringing another happening web design conference in the month of February in San Diego. Experts in this conference will be addressing about latest open web technologies. Moreover, by attending this event, attendees can get insight into jQuery and related projects, code architecture, design n implementation and much more.


Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

Are you interested in learning and exploring about Interaction design practices? Are you looking forward to catch some inspiration from related disciplines? Well the long wait is about to end. Interaction’14 brings you 4 days of workshops and presentations to learn about its design practices and get insights in the relevant disciplines. Catch this inspirational web design conference from Feb 5th to 8th, 2014 in Amsterdam.

MinneWeb Con

This two day event will comprise of useful knowledge sharing sessions, from speakers belonging to different backgrounds and work environments. MinneWeb Con will take place in Minneapolis from April 14th to 15th, 2014.

Industry Conference

Taking place in Newcastle on April 23rd, this conference will be a carefully curated selection of talks by 8 speakers from Foursquare, Etsy, Happy Cog, Charity:Water and The Washington Post. Industry Conference will be a chance to learn about in design in organizations, metrics, UX, CSS, business and web performance.

Next Web

Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

More than 2500 attendees will explore the insights on what is next big thing for the web with recognized speakers from around the world, at Next Web conference at Europe, Apr 24-25 2014.

IRCE Focus

This conference is one powerful place where you have to be! IRCE Focus, taking place in Orlando from 10th Feb to 12th Feb, 2014, is focusing on bringing a combination of incredible strategies, experts and unparalleled resources in the world so that you get insight on ways to tackle rising customers’ expectations and learn latest ecommerce strategies.

CrossTrain Morning

CrossTrain Morning has been scheduled for 24th January, 2014, by Dallas Users Experience Group. It will include six killer presentations by UX enthusiasts, developers and programmers. This event will definitely fill your morning with quite interesting and useful learning sessions.

Mobile +Web DevCon

Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

The conference is all about smart generation mobile apps, tools app optimization with JavaScript and HTML5 technologies and cross platform app development tools. Mobile +Web DevCon is a chance to get inspiration from the leading IT industrialists and web enthusiasts will from around the world. The conference is being hosted in San Francisco from 28th to 30th January 2014.


Yet another exciting web design conference, organized in Sydney from 4th February to 5th February, 2014. Respond will be your chance to meet the experts of Responsive Web Designs, and to catch an insight into the first mobile responsive design. You can also catch inspiration from Respond’s dedicated sessions on data driven interactive content and state of responsive images.


This conference is going to be a smart language learning experience for those who want to gain competence in Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Java, Asp.Net and many more. So don’t forget to attend ConFoo from Feb 24 to 28 in Montreal.

Meet Magento Spain

Meet Magento conference, for the first time in Spain, will take place in Madrid at Convencion Hotel. The event will start at 3rd March and will last till 5th March, 2014. This conference will be an opportunity to bring Magento designers and extensions developers and whole local ecosystem together. Moreover Meet Magento Spain aims at showcasing breakthrough Magento developments and displaying the wide range of ecommerce opportunities for Magento merchants, online businesses and agencies.

O’Reilly Fluent

Fluent is the web design conference where, every year, UX and UI developers gather and share their experiences regarding HTML5 and Node.js. They also provide insight into the future of the web. This interesting conference is expected to take place in San Francisco from 11th to 13th March, 2014.

Smashing Conference

Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

Keeping its tradition of choosing unique avenues for conferences, this time Smashing Conference is organized in Oxford Town Hall from Mar 18 to 19, 2014. Smashing will be bringing useful and informative sessions on real life projects, workflows and such practical strategies that can be deployed as soon as they are learnt.

Micro Soft Build

This conference is all about tutoring developers and programmers on enhancing user experience on millions of Microsoft devices. Micro Soft Build is taking place in San Francisco Apr 2 to Apr 4, 2014.

Web Visions

Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

Taking place in New York, from 3rd to 4th April, 2014, Web Visions is a golden opportunity to catch insight on the future of web and mobile technology. You can catch inspiration from brilliant minds at this conference and eventually triumph your paths with Web Visions.

Meta Fresh

Meta Fresh is basically a trade show like event, expected to take place in Bangalore from 12th February to 15th February, 2014. In this event we designers and web developers from around the world will get a chance to showcase their original work to the world and display the contributions they have made so far in the advancement of the Web. Theme of the event however is front end workflow processes.

In Control

An exciting web design conference where twelve world certified educators and leaders of the IT and ecommerce industry will speak to you. The speakers will share at In Control their professional schemes of handling web and mobile designs, from 17th to 19th Feb, 2014 in Orlando.

An Event Apart Atlanta

Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

This is a golden opportunity for web developers who constantly strive to get every corner of their web design right; who want to perfect the code, content and usability of their websites. 12 renowned speakers will be educating web developers in Atlanta from 17th Feb to 19th Feb, 2014…taking their web designing skills to next level.

Web Expo

This conference aims at creating a win win situation for both developers and users. At Web Expo’14 aims at harmoniously sharing some of the best practices for web development. Don’t miss out Web Expo at Prague, taking place from Apr 11th to 12th, 2014.


This web design conference will for sure entertain and inspire the attendees with tips on web design, gaming, front end workflows, mobile development and marketing techniques. Moreover, ConvergeSe is an opportunity to network with some of the brilliant minds and peers in Columbia from May 1-3, 2014.

Future of Web Design

Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

FOWD will be the place where leading web designers and developers from around the world will discuss about the latest technologies and strategies to revolutionize the web. The topics to be covered in this conference, taking place in London from 7th to 9th Apr, 2014, include zero interface, future of interaction, digital agency revolution, responsive web typography etc.

UX Immersion Mobile

Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

UX Immersion is taking place in Denver, from Apr 7 to Apr 9, 2014. The slogan of the conference this year is ‘Design for the user, not the device’. This web design conference will include sessions about workflows, design patterns, usability study and other UX related topic.


The man who introduced the latest techniques to design for multiple screens, who coined the term “responsive web design” is coming to NAGW to speak to you. Yes you heard us right; Ethan Marcotte will be speaking to the participants on Sep 9-12, 2014 at St. Paul Minnesota, along with other inspiring speakers.

Adobe Max

Adobe Max will bring another exciting event this year where you can meet more than 5000 participants and make long lasting contacts. At Adobe Max creative minds from all around the world will help you develop skills to improve your development knowledge, techniques and strategies to come up with an epic product. So don’t miss this event hosted in Los Angeles from 4th to 8th October, 2014.


Artifact, will be held in Austin from 5th to 7th May, 2014, aims at helping web developers and designers to cope up with ever changing mobile specs and features and solve tool adaptation’s development challenges.

Meet Magento Germany

Organizing its eighth round of conferences in Germany, Meet Magento aims at providing an opportunity to Magento designers and enthusiasts and other participants from Germany and neighboring countries to network with each other, share brilliant ideas and showcase their exuberant work, and Magento developments at Leipzig, Germany from 12th to 13th May, 2014.

Design Conference

Connect With Creative Minds At Upcoming World Class Web Design Conferences 2014

Taking place in Dubrovnik on May 19-22, 2014, Design Conference will hold informative and practical sessions about design theory and research methods. Besides that brilliant minds and enthusiasts will also be explaining about design processes, tools, education and socio-technical issues so that you develop a profound understanding of your web designs.

PHP Conference’14

If PHP developers want to improve their knowledge about understanding on not only PHP development, but also database, methodologies, web API and security then they should not miss the international PHP Conference’14, organized in Berlin from June 1-4 2014.

Future Insights

This web conference is famous for bringing inspiration and insights on the future of the web for explorers and web pioneers. Future Insight is organized in Las Vegas this year from June 16-20.


This contribution is made by Simon Walker. He is professional php developer with more than 5 years of experience. He has led to develop many Magento extensions and Prestashop modules for Fme.

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