February 29, 2024

Think Czar Is Just Another WordPress Theme? These 4 Reasons Might Just Change Your Mind

A Kickstarter Campaign (Click To View Campaign) for a WordPress theme called Czar has been in talks recently. The team behind Czar is trying to raise funds to develop this WordPress Theme which they proclaim is a “King Of WordPress Themes” with regards to a few of the atypical features that it offers. We had a look at the campaign and after analyzing it carefully, we feel that these 4 reasons might just make it take a lead on WordPress Themes. To know more about the kickstarter campaign for Czar, click here.

Zootash – The Inbuilt Customer Support Desk


If you have already used a customer support software like Zendesk, you would certainly know how easy it becomes to manage client requests on your website and offer support to your customers through such an application. Czar has tried to capture this area as no other WordPress Theme offers a ready-to-use inbuilt customer support desk. “Zootash” as they call it, initially might not emerge as mature a solution as Zendesk, but since this support desk comes as a free offering with Czar, it might attract a lot of small and medium sized businesses to use it.

Czar Aims At Offering A Complete Solution, Introducing “Czar In A Box”


This is, for sure, something which no other theme out there offers. “Czar In A Box” is a package which contains a lot of goodies for web designers and developers and it enables them to unleash the full potential of Czar. These goodies have been designed with the intent of making Czar a part of the designing and development process. The box comes with design boards for desktop, mobile and tablet which, along with the magic elements enable the designer to create wireframes of the design and plan the designs before they start developing using Czar. This really saves a lot of time as all these elements are already a part of Czar and the designed pages can be created quickly using Czar.

9 Exclusive Plugins Crafted To Work With Czar


Czar comes with 9 Exclusive plugins that are crafted to work seamlessly with it. These 9 plugins offer functionality for which you would usually need to buy additional plugins or would need a WordPress developer to develop the functionality for you. The choice of plugins made by the team behind Czar is good because these plugins fit into a much wider spectrum and provide functionality which is needed by most of the WordPress based websites. For instance the “Advance Pop-ups” plugin enables you to create conditional Pop-ups based on user behavior. Pop-ups are needed by most websites to entice visitors to sign up for a newsletter or the likes. Just like this one there are 8 other plugins which aim at solving specific purposes.

UI Elements That Act As Building Blocks


Well, Czar adopts a modular approach towards design as it counts on various design elements that are part of it, using which one can come up with endless compositions. We see many of the existing WordPress themes banking on a Composition-Based Approach towards design wherein they try to sell a composition and the buyers go for a theme based on its design. But with its modular approach to design, Czar takes customization to a different level altogether owing to its extensive collection of the UI elements. Czar is certainly not the only WordPress theme that adopts this modular approach but with its massive range of UI elements that allow one to come up with numerous compositions, it undoubtedly stands out in comparison to the existing WordPress themes.

It’s quite apparent after taking a look at the Kickstarter Campaign for Czar that the two major attributes that draw the line of variance between Czar and the other existing WordPress Themes are the Inbuilt Customer Support Desk Zootash and the exquisite “Czar In A Box” Concept. If Czar Comes Out The Way It Is Conceived, The Existing WordPress Themes Are Sure To Witness A Game Changing Wave, but we will definitely have to wait to know more about its working and intricacies until the first few licenses have been purchased.

If Czar Comes Out The Way It Is Conceived, The Existing WordPress Themes Are Sure To Witness A Game Changing Wave



  1. waynejames Reply

    Why all the effort for such a third rate product? Word Press is badly conceived, coded, and executed. It is a blight on the 21st century web.

  2. needforname Reply

    Looks no different than any of the other “all in one” WordPress themes that can be found on Themeforest. Actually I can’t see any benefits this has over lets say “Divi”. What is truly needed in the WordPress realm is a drag and drop theme that is very easy to use, free from bloat, coded well, and free from dated aesthetics. It’s mind boggling to me that something like this still doesn’t exist.

  3. Barış Ünver Reply

    Another theme with Visual Composer? All I can say is “meh”, sorry. Zootash seems cool and magnetic design boards are definitely a good idea, but (as said before) it strikes as “another all-in-one WordPress theme” rather than a “revolutionary product”.

    Plus, anyone who writes WordPress with a lowercase “p” gives me the impression that he/she doesn’t know about WordPress well enough. I mean, you have to know about the brand guidelines about the product you’re developing.

  4. Intensive thinking Reply

    This article is almost as identical as on line25, are you involved?

    I raised some doubts about this product being revolutionary (sorry but all those features are available in other themes already)
    Line25 deleted my comment, my tweet… I guess they are involved in this kickstarter campaign. It would be more honest to say so in the first place.

    and…“Czar In A Box” Concept ? give me a break, instead of printing the wireframe/layouts , you get …magnets. wow thats truly revolutionary 😉

  5. Derek O'Brian Reply

    This is good. Out of those 9 plugins that are made exclusively for this theme I have already been able to shortlist 3 for which I paid for. The plugin collection is intelligent unlike a few other theme. Good Work.

  6. Joseph Reply

    I feel people behind Czar researched properly on what challenges and costs an admin has to bear while maintaining a website. I have been paying for Zendesk every month and I don’t even use half of its features and if something like that comes in a theme, its definitely an added advantage.

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