July 13, 2024

Do you know the difference between branding and brand refresh?

A more and more common mistake, even in areas of specialized activity, is the confusion between “rebranding” and “brand refresh“. Many business owners say they want a “rebranding” for their business when they actually want a new logo or image change.

Because I have often encountered this error in my job, I have decided that today, we’ll explain the differences between the two notions in order to avoid confusion in the future.

What you need to know about your business

brand refresh

Online is already everyone’s favorite environment to sell and buy services and research what we’re buy. When the buyer sees your product or service, they need to know that they they find exactly what they’re looking for, and that they invest their money wisely. That’s why your job is to gain their trust.

How do you go about this in the best way possible? You create a topical image, offer something in addition to competition, conquer it through quality, loyalty offers and thoughtful campaigns.   

Let’s say you’ve been on the market for some time, but you feel your sales have gone a little way down. It’s clear: you need some strategy change, and you should be eager to do it. You should start with the image to make your customers feel a real comeback, a refreshment on your part. First things first. It is important to define the two notions to communicate your needs to those who will help you in this process. Analyze the current status of your business and see what you should do.  

How do you know you need a brand refresh?

  • You need to update your older brand to appease to the current audience
  • You have to meet today’s market requirements
  • You have to keep up with your offers
brand refresh

If you are at the helm of a relatively small business, because we can not all be Sony, Pepsi or Virgin Records, you most likely need a refresh. Consider the following when consulting with the specialists to deliver them as accurately as possible:

  • You do not want to follow trends, just for the sake of changing something. You need to remember the essence and values ​​of your brand. Try to redefine brand values ​​and focus more on your niche.
  • Create clear and nicely formatted messages.
  • Build with the help of the capital you have and do your best to resonate with your customers.
  • Do not forget that it takes time to change – things do not happen overnight. You have to be patient and think about every step. In short, give yourself plenty of time.

4 cases where you need rebranding

brand refresh

You might be thinking that rebranding is simply changing your logo and 2-3 elements on the web page plus a Facebook cover. Wrong. Rebranding means literally changing your business image and profile from head to toe. It means you change your story and philosophy. Here’s when you need it:

  • When your brand is out of date, it is no longer efficient and no longer attracts customers
  • When your target audience changed
  • When you changed your fundamental business
  • When your business is about to merge with another or when it was bought by a major business

What risks do you encounter?

  • A bad rebranding will loose or mislead customers
  • Employees may not resonate with the decision or rebranding strategy

The conclusion

A total rebranding is like a plastic surgery, a change to the face, it’s not just a makeup. It’s a transformation from the ground up, a new identity – it brings a whole new message, redefining brand values, a reinvented visual system, and a marketing strategy. If you start on this road, you will need a lot of capital for the beginning, an open mind for change and for a new vision, and a team of highly trained and dedicated people.

A brand refresh is a refresh of the image without major changes in direction, profile or niche. Now that you know all this, you can get started. Goodluck!

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