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By / Oct 10, 2012 / Giveaways

Back in June, we launched DealPixel, a site where web and creative professionals can find amazing deals on the stuff that makes their job easier. The launch was a huge success and we’ve been able to provide some great bargains over the past few months, and we’re very excited to keep this going. So excited, in fact, that we’re giving away a brand new iPhone 5! How’s that for an amazing deal?

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended and the winner has been selected. Congratulations to Robert Leonetti!! We hope you enjoy your new iPhone 5!

We’re Giving Away the New iPhone 5 (16GB)

To be eligible, simply follow the easy instructions below.

How to participate

  • Use the field below to subscribe to the DealPixel newsletter. Enter your email address and press the “Subscribe” button.
  • On November 20th, we will select a random winner from the subscribers that signed up through this giveaway.
  • You must be signed up for the DealPixel newsletter at the time of the drawing in order to be eligible.
  • Tweet this post and leave a comment (optional).

About the Author

Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • Karla

    Great Giveaway!!!!

  • http://madfrogdesigns.com/ Julesfrog

    I’m in! Be silly not to. Thank you for the great offer DealPixel!

  • Luiz
  • http://www.habitarnocentro.com/ Daniel

    Is this for real?
    I’ll keep signed up for the DealPixel Newsletter…

    I want that iPhone 5! 😀

  • Tatiana

    DealPixel is a great website! Henry, wish you good luck in building good website reputation and gaining more customers.


  • http://bereziuk.pl Adam

    I want it too;D

  • http://www.chrisreihe.com Reihe

    Really want a 5!

  • http://twitter.com/paulidin Paul Roth

    Nice! I’ll sign up for that!

  • http://ygorch.net Ygor Chaves

    Wooooow! *u* I need it <3

  • Jose Nova

    Im still unable to upgrade from my Blackberry Curve… :(

  • Vincent Sourcil

    Il me tente bien cet Iphone !

  • Morten Madsen
  • Imran


  • https://twitter.com/spikeyLoki Christian Ampoloquio

    This is an awesome giveaway! I really want to have an iPhone.. I haven’t owned any high-end phone ever since if i won, it will be the first. My Christmas will be more happier! :) I already tweeted! https://twitter.com/spikeyLoki/status/256071405072957440
    Good luck to all of us!

  • Gabriele

    Yeah! Very nice! 5!!!

  • http://www.lifeisveryshort.info Megan Spears

    I got one but I would not mind getting another one for free.


  • https://twitter.com/#!/whereisanthony Anthony

    why wouldn’t I?

  • http://www.trusty.hu Zsolt
  • James

    Fingers crossed.

  • http://www.ivanilijasic.com Ivan Ilijasic
  • http://www.feed2need.com Abdelhadi Touil

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    Retweeted here:

  • leo

    i would be happy to win the giveaway,cos i have never use an Iphone before

  • http://noxxten.com Dustin

    Awesome. Been following Dealpixel for awhile, I’m surprised this isn’t mentioned on their own website. Regardless, it’s a great campaign to gain interest in what they’re doing (:


  • http://www.designturnpike.com Design Turnpike

    Ummmm… Yes please! Thanks for the opportunity DealPixel!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jgonzalezNYC Jesse Gonzalez

    Awesome giveaway! Would love to win for my wife! Entered by subscribing via email ([email protected]), shared on FB, “liked” on FB, shared on LinkedIn and tweeted on Twitter (@jgonzalezNYC)

    Thanks again!

  • http://williesha.wordpress.com Willi

    Probably the first freebie I’ve seen in a while that’s actually worth subscribing! Hope to offer something like that on my site soon!

  • Matt


  • Nate H

    Thanks for the great deals from DealPixel. Twitter link: https://twitter.com/nate_hare/status/256148328943853568

  • http://dribbble.com/samuelcouto Samuel Couto

    Good stuff!
    I have been rocking the 3Gs for quite some time now, and a brand new shiny iPhone 5 will come very handy for testing the new designs 😉

    Cheers everyone!


  • http://icreatesolutions.com.au/ Benjamin Burke

    Giving away an iPhone 5? Is their a better word for awesome? Way to go DealPixel.

  • https://twitter.com/csscutie Sam

    Ok, let’s go!

    Tweeted here: https://twitter.com/csscutie/status/256216601106452480


  • Adam

    Poop on all the iPhone-haters! They can live in their Android-deluded fantasies all they like, spewing hateful poison on anything Apple. The more they talk the more pathetic they look. I want to win an iPhone 5 so I can show the world what a truly magnificent mobile device can do: amazing photos, unparalleled design, the power of a genuinely useful app ecosystem, & an OS so solid and intuitive it makes their eyes water and mouths drool with total, all encompassing phone-lust. A glint alone from the iPhone 5’s chamfered edge will make their Android phablets burst into flames. “iPhone haters, prepare for the flesh to melt from your bones as I reveal the true glory of iPhone 5’s blinding brilliance!”

  • http://jdesignz.ph Jhay Gamba

    I just subscribed!

    And tweet, too.


  • http://wpchurchbuilder.com WPChurchBuilder

    This is totally awesome giveaway. Hopeful to grab home the iPhone. Thanks!

  • Ashmita Patel

    Great resources + a great giveaway. Loving your website.

  • Erika Anggraini

    Subscribed, tweeted, liked, followed already :) nice giveaway.. wish can get this one.. thank you :):):):)

  • Boitsov

    Great. Already subscribed.

  • Brian Diehl

    Sweet, sweet, sweet! I am in.

  • azad

    Great phone !!

  • Tejas

    Great giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed for the iphone5

  • Jignesh M


  • Dimitar Tsankov
  • Blake

    I have a cracked iPhone 4 and would love to have a new iPhone 5!

  • Christophe

    Nice contest ! Thanks !

  • hardik
  • jac

    AWESOME! Fingers crossed

  • Dzhuneyt

    Can’t wait to win it!

  • http://extensions.schultschik.com Sven

    I would like to subscribe, but I don’t see a subscribe field below the text :(

    • http://extensions.schultschik.com Sven

      Nevermind. It appeared after reload the page …

      Finger cross! I really need one.

  • alexa

    dealpixel.com is a kind of bank for web design whit nice deals you can check it here and may get also a iphone http://webdesignledger.com/giveaways/iphone-5-giveaway-from-dealpixel

  • http://www.laserred.co John

    Already subscribed but didn’t get an email about this?

  • http://designrshub.com/ Manuel Garcia

    I’m in :) Good Luck!

    • http://designrshub.com/ Manuel Garcia

      I seems that I already subscribed for quite some time so I can’t subscribe now. Is it counted?

  • Makarand Patil
  • http://burningfiredesign.com Matt

    Um… ok so, I received this giveaway promotion through the newsletter, asking me to signup to the newsletter, and when I do (worth a try I figured) I’m told I’m already signed up.


  • Olya

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • http://mollar.me Rui Mollar
  • http://www.derby-webdesign.co.uk Derby Web Design

    Ahhhhh yeah! Fingers crossed :)

  • Deryn

    I would love one :)

  • Andrew
  • http://madmelo.com madMELO

    i really want a FREE iphone! fingersCROSSED

  • http://tareologia.blogspot.com Luis Quintero

    Before 2012 ends and life as well i want to feel the apple cream of the crop hahaha
    best regards to everyone

  • http://www.tarkk.com Rohit Jain

    Superrrr giveaway from a superB site…
    Keep up the killer work guys…

  • (sic)

    dealpixel is the best!!

  • http://diadiemmuaban.com richie

    why not! take a lucky change now :)

  • DJ Youso

    Heeeello! Dealpixel drew my attention.

  • Dawn

    Pls let me win The iphone

  • Michelle

    Hope I win wish me luck

  • algeriano

    Done xD

  • Zahed Shareef

    great giveaway!

  • http://www.boostinspiration.com Waheed Akhtar

    Awesome giveaway. Already subscribed user. Here’s my tweet

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    Hello, I’m already a subscriber and I tweeted this giveaway here:

    Thanks for a great giveaway!


  • Richard M.


    Thanx for the great giveaway!
    Good luck everyone,

  • Theresa J
  • http://smiledd.net Malik

    I’m in! Hopefully I get this iPhone 5 :) I really love this phone and since I can’t afford to buy one, I hope I win this 😉



  • Terence

    Hope I win! Retweeted: https://twitter.com/Terhoence/status/257770504272875520
    Thanks for a chance to win!

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    New subscriber!! I tweeted about the giveaway here:

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    Thanx for the giveaway!

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    I hope I get this.

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    gime gime gime :)

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    Sure would love to win!

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    good giveaway

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    love love..!!

  • Diana Banari
  • Gabriel

    Great! Really hoping for this.

  • http://pushdrupal.com Murtza

    its my first time, i participate in any kind of giveaway offer…i am in and lets see, how lucky i am… :)

  • http://www.caokhoa.com Cao Khoa
  • Sena S


  • Sena S
  • Linz

    Would love a new iPhone5 – awesomw prize!

  • http://www.cre8ivejunction.com/ Cre8iveJunction

    Great Opportunity and congrats on your new venture with DealPixel

    We have re-posted it on our site here :


  • renson

    i would love to have an iphone 5

  • stealthkiller39
  • http://tricias-list.com Tricia W.

    This seems like a pretty cool contest/giveaway…hope I’ma lucky winner!

  • abdo

    i’d love to have iPhone 5 <<

    Good luck guys

  • http://www.narga.net Narga

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Diana Valverde

    i’m subcribed and i’m hoping to win! =)

  • (sic)

    I’ll start my new iPhone 5’s Safari with http://dealpixel.com/ 😀

  • http://crysgriffinphotography.webstarts.com/ Crystal Griffin

    entered…it would be my first iPhone!!

  • Dee Dee

    crossing my fingers… and hoping to win a super awesome iphone 5!!!

  • Jacob Elias

    I am hoping for the best!

  • Suraj

    hope luck favors me.. :)

  • Neil Paul

    Give this baby to me 😉

  • Kenny

    Awesome giveaway! Would be highly appreciated if I could win! *crossing fingers* :)

  • http://jiggyville.co.nr Jyrgen

    It is my 18th birthday on 10th December. I feel lucky :)

  • chris milette

    I really hope I get this. I am in dire need of a new phone.

  • http://thecookiez.com Ced

    My old phone could really become smart 😀
    It would be very great to win an iPhone!

  • SarathCt

    5 MORE DAYS!!

  • Mark James Caramillo

    I hope i’ll be the winner! :)

  • Dale N

    Subscribed and fingers crossed!

  • http://himanshutanwani.blogspot.in Himanshu Tanwani
  • iDevicr

    I love WebDesignerLedger and I should win this as I need to win the iPhone 5 to check WebDesignerLedger Blog Updates and DealPixel daily on the iPhone 5 every time I wake up! DealPixel is awesome!

  • Mark James Caramillo

    It’s now November 10.. who’s the lucky winner?

  • http://designhash.com falconerie

    just subscribed!
    and tweeted.
    cool daily deal site.!

  • Albin Thomas

    omg………thnk m d lst 1 2 subscribe…….plzz…i vsh i cud get diz 1…..plz plz plz!!!1

  • Phia

    If I win the Iphone 5 haha It would be my pre-birthday present (:

  • Dzhuneyt

    Yeah, what’s up with the winners list?

  • Mark James Caramillo

    I’ts now moved to November 20.. :)

  • Phia

    November 20? mhm well then it is my real birthday present (:

  • Myzchel S.

    Hopefully you’re the one for me… :)


  • Mendel

    Please pick me! Pick me!

  • Sacha Obado

    I have entered the giveaway and hope to win it.

    Here is my Tweet:-


  • Dzhuneyt

    What the? Why do you change the ending date for the contest? That is cheating and I am pretty sure it’s illegal.

  • http://www.cre8ivejunction.com/ Cre8iveJunction

    How come the Ending Date for the contest has been changed from NOVEMBER 10th to NOVEMBER 20th?

    Thats misleading the public at large and i am very much in agreement with Dzhuneyt that it may also be illegal…

  • Joseph

    Really hope to win this ! Deal Pixel rocks 😉

  • http://www.cebujobs.ph Jool

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/akimknow/status/268916875130462208

    and I hope I can win this :)

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    Hoping for the best!

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    tomorrow is November 20, hope to win!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/annalyn.brioso,https://twitter.com/AliBrioso,http://society6.com/AnnalynBrioso Annalyn Brioso

    Super excited! Thank you deal pixel for giving us the chance to win new iphone5 in this giveaway. Goodluck to us!! :)

  • Cheryl

    May the odds be ever in your favour

  • Mark James Caramillo

    When will be the winner announced? on what time? hope i win!

  • Dzhuneyt

    I hope to win this one. :)

  • SarathCt

    Who’s the Lucky Winner?????

    • Mark James Caramillo

      same here… waiting for an announcement who is the lucky winner…

  • Phia

    Birthdaay time! haha hope I win this…