June 18, 2024

Listable: the Best Modern Listing Directory WordPress Theme

Listable is a listing directory and user-friendly WordPress theme which will help you to create, manage and monetize a global or local directory website. With Listable you can get your favourite spots online.


The theme is perfect for city shops, restaurant listings, and events, hotel & lodging, outdoor activities, nightlife, and much more.

Its design is a perfect balance between elegance and minimalism.

Listable is flexiblу to fit your needs. It uses responsive design which looks awesome on any screen: from the largest desktops to small tablets, and is compatible with mobile devices.

Listable has powerful listing cards system with huge possibilities: each listing card can be a spot, an event, or an activity of any kind.


It also includes a blog, login area and ‘Add Listing’ form to implement your plans in life.

Monetize Your Site with Listable

To make it easier to get money with your website, Listable was integrated with WooCommerce. You can charge for listing packages, sell subscriptions or charge a fee from reservations made with your website.

Also, you may work with vendors and let them sell s through your site and earns commission from them. Thanks to WooCommerce it has many ways for monetization.

More Features

Listable’s homepage includes explore page allowing your users to search for the listings including food, lodging, entertainment, stores, outdoors, and more.


The footer of Listable has all social buttons to stay in touch with your audience and build new clients with social media.

The code is apparently very neat and clean.

One of the best features is the theme customization. It is easy to use, clear and has a live preview so everything you change shows live on your page immediately.

Recommended FREE Plugins

Listable is designed to not overwhelm you with features you don’t need. Thus, to add more functionality to your site you can use totally free plugins that can be installed in a minute.

Here is the essential list of the free plugins:

  • WP Job Manager by Automattic and Mike Jolley (Official Documentation)
  • Customify by PixelGrade
  • Comments Ratings by PixelGrade
  • Category Icon by PixelGrade
  • PixTypes by Pixelgrade

Please, note that these plugins need to be installed (or activated) separately. All of them are available on WordPress.org for free.

Tech Support

The team behind Listable lives to make their clients happy. So, if you have any issues with Listable theme, feel free to contact them at once. They are here to make your experience with theme as easy and pleasant as it’s possible.

Over to You

I hope this Listable review turned in handy for you. Please, let us know in the comments your feedback regarding Listable.

Nancy Young is a passionate writer and blogger. She writes tons of inspirational articles on photography, despite the fact that she is an economist by education. Make sure to visit Nancy's blog Onedesblog.


  1. Hemang Rindani Reply

    Article is a good read.

    WordPress is certainly a great content management system that works well for any business requirement. Ease of use, flexibility, extensibility and security are few features that makes WordPress a popular choice. WP can handle large amount of data and has ability to design and manage multiple websites developed using multiple languages. The available themes, modules and plugins apart from an active user community allows CMS developer to create website effortlessly.

    The mentioned theme called Listable is an impressive, ambitiously expansive, technologically sophisticated and polished, feature-dense, modern and customizable, user and developer friendly responsive WordPress theme that can create manageable local and global directory websites. It has the tools, page templates, plugins, features and great extensibility that helps a developer to create websites painlessly. Its compatibility with Woocommerce WP plugin is a great benefit to have. I feel Listify and SpotFinder are other such similar themes that comes with great functionalities to help your cause.

    Thanks for the insights. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mel Farmer Reply

    If a client requests a website that is built with a theme we like to get our themes from Themeforest as the themes are checked for malware as standard and the quality of the recently added themes are always of high quality.

  3. Oana Filip Reply

    Hi, Nancy! Thanks a bunch for diving deep into our product. We’re happy to know you admire Listable and find it useful as well. Best regards from the whole PixelGrade crew. 🙂

  4. Julian Luus Reply

    Hi Nancy, what are the pros and cons of Listable vs Listify especially when building a site which requires bookable and payable products to be linked to listings?

    1. Jem Reply

      Both are very similar since they both work based on plugin WP Job Manager, so in the end it will be about looks! They both have their differences, so I suggest you need to see what is your market and what features will be your core.I have both themes, and different in many aspects that you can only see with usage.

  5. JoJo Reply

    Can Listable handle a site with big number of sub categories? Need to be able to browse both categories and sub categories. Does it offer that option? Am tempted to go with Chimpstudio’s “Box Directory” which does do this but prefer the design of Listable!

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