July 19, 2024

Most Satisfying Videos People Spend Thousands of Hours Watching

Psychologists say that people never give up on a addiction, they just replace it with a new one. We all know that some addictions can be quite destructive for you and the people around you. Other ones just make you waste your time. I’m not talking about minutes, nor hours, but days after days, after days. When it comes to the virtual world, internet is the best provider of addicting everythings. Today, we’re doing a case study on the most satisfying videos people spend thousands of hours watching. We will discuss the current trends and what makes them so addicting.

1. Soap Cutting

Instagram has been flooded with soap cutting videos lately. Even if you tried to run away from them, once you watched one, they will keep showing you these videos. So not only that they are very addictive, they are also very sticky. And I get it, these videos stimulate both your sight and hearing. The way the blade of the cutter slices each piece of soap, and the sound they make when they fall invites you for more. And that’s not all. You will see new techniques that involve soap everyday. People now make roses that they crush with their hands making this crunchy noise, they paint the soaps with nail polish which creates a very satisfying visual effect, and most recently they’ve started reusing the cut soaps making these crumbly balls. There are no less than 72,000 soap cutting videos on Instagram. Here are some examples:



2. Lettering

Because some of us try so hard to write calligraphic and legible, when we see people who don’t struggle at all it makes us admire them. Of course, it requires a lot of talent and practice to achieve such performances and to write with such ease. No wonder these videos keep people starring at their screens for hours. Take a look:



3. 3-D Design

When something defies the normal, the traditional, it usually stands out and intrigues us. Designers around the world managed to create those 3-D videos that make people want more, without fully understanding why. Watch these and try to find an explanation yourself.




4. Floral Foam

Watching Floral Foam crushed, whether it’s dry or wet, it can only join the “satisfying category” if you actually crushed Floral Foam with your bare hands. The spongy texture is so different and crunchy that you cannot not enjoy doing it. Or watch other people doing it.


5. Slime

Believe it or not, after so many years, slime is still a thing. And people enjoy watching other people play with it. From popping slime bubbles, to mixing them with beads and literately any other object you get your hands on, slime is the queen of most satisfying videos people spend thousands of hours watching. Some people even opened a business where they make custom slime for slime lovers. Eight million videos on Instagram and still counting.



6. Shaving Cream Pressing

Among the really satisfying videos, there are these not so satisfying videos people came up with hoping that somebody out there will find them satisfying. Shaving Cream Pressing with this kitchen utensil seams to rapidly gain its title of oddly satisfying video. But it’s more like a short time satisfaction that won’t make you want some more because it get’s easily boring. Watch this and you’ll get it:


Other honorable mentions: Wet Sand Cutting, Clay Pots Making, Matches Lighting, Stress Ball Squeezing.


What are the videos that once you’ve started watching you can’t stop for hours? Why do you thing people find pleasure in such small things? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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