June 18, 2024

New WordPress Trends: eCommerce Multipurpose Themes

Online shopping was at one time looked upon as being a somewhat risky endeavor. Today it is commonplace, and the number of online shoppers is growing steadily with each passing year. WordPress, due to its free access and ease of use, became one of the most popular platforms for creating eCommerce websites. Due to intensified competition a growing number of eCommerce websites require regular tweaking and minor changes.

This challenge is being answered with the advent of multipurpose eCommerce WordPress themes. These themes provide the flexibility websites require, if they are to find their rightful places in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Applying these multipurpose themes to practical uses has become the latest trend in the online business and shopping arena. This trend has been steadily increasing in intensity, and shows little sign of subsiding in the foreseeable future.

Main benefits of eCommerce multipurpose WordPress themes

A steadily increasing number of eCommerce-oriented multipurpose WordPress themes has presented web developers with an ever-expanding array of design options to choose from. It has now become a relatively easy task for you to display your client’s products in a seemingly limitless variety of ways, including 2- to 6-column displays in Standard, Gallery, Gallery Border, or Multi-masonry formats.

Recently released eCommerce multipurpose WordPress themes offer a number of Advanced Admin panel options, giving you a wide range of choices, ranging from cart styles to icon fonts, while incorporating pre-made layouts in these multipurpose themes has had a drastic impact on the web development process, as it has provided designers with the means to get their projects off to a rapid start.

These multipurpose WordPress themes have now become the ideal vehicles for creating stunning, feature packed, and easily navigable online stores, and with a minimal amount of effort. You will definitely appreciate the flexibility, versatility, and ease of use these WordPress themes present.

Criteria for selecting an eCommerce Multipurpose Theme

Source: Pre-made layout – Atelier eCommerce Multipurpose Theme

The ever-increasing number of multipurpose WordPress themes that are appearing on the market, combined with the vast array of features many of these themes offer, almost constitute an embarrassment of riches as far as website developers are concerned.

It has almost reached a point where an attempt to find the best possible theme can take longer than it takes to create a web page using one, and as a web designer, you many never be certain if the choice you made was the right one.

Customer service

You first have to find themes that appear to be good matches for your proposed website, after which you will need to scan the reviews to see what others have to say about a given theme’s quality, whether 24/7 support is available, and what the level customer service responsiveness is.

You also have to look into a theme’s flexibility, speed, power, and user friendliness. After you have done all of these things, you may still have a selection of themes in front of you that is too large to manage.

Look for reliable theme developers

The problems of information overload, and not being certain if you are making the right choice, can be avoided by selecting a theme created by a ThemeForest Power Elite Author. In doing so, you will not only have access to all of the features you are looking for in creating an eCommerce store, but you find yourself in possession of a theme that has been built on a solid platform of high-quality code, and is accompanied by the level of support you have every right to expect.

The number of Elite Author-produced themes is still rather large, but you will find yourself in a situation in which the chances of making a poor decision are rather remote.

Case Study: Atelier

This brings us to Atelier, a relative newcomer that is well worth considering.

Atelier is a relative newcomer, but this impressive creation by ThemeForest’s Power Elite Author Swift Ideas has earned eCommerce’s theme community recognition. This extremely flexible and versatile theme owes its growing popularity to its ability to create eCommerce websites that are extraordinarily user friendly and elegant in appearance as well.

As if its initial launch did not create a great deal of excitement in the multipurpose theme world, the Atelier’s V 1.10 release added to its popularity by incorporating a number of stunning pre-made layouts/demos, in addition to a number of other key improvements.

Atelier’s quality is in keeping with what you would expect from a Power Elite Author that has more than 20,000 ThemeForest items to its credit.

80 layout variations and 7 high-quality pre-made layouts

Examples of the high-quality pre-made layouts you will find in Atelier

The number and quality of the features a theme offers is usually indicative of its flexibility, in that they give the designer more to work with. Atelier’s collection of 40 different features is impressive enough, and they range from a selection of cart icon styles and product page options, to impressive selections of header styles, icons, and fonts.

Even more impressive is the fact that these features, taken together with their available options, gives the designer more than 2,000 different choices to work with, and the flexibility contained within a theme has a great deal to do with its versatility, which, in Atelier’s case, is impressive indeed.

What are the elements that have contributed to Atelier’s versatility? There is not enough room to mention them all here, but a few of the elements of particular interest include Revolution slider, Testimonial and Tweets sliders, a Portfolio Carousel, a video player, Google maps and directories, and a large selection widely-used buttons and social icons.

The animation images option demo is well worth viewing, as it features Bounce, Flash, Zoom, and 38 other options that will enable you to create a variety of innovative and attention-catching displays.

Not just responsive: But tailored for the mobile experience

As you would expect in a responsive theme, Atelier has been especially tailored to meet the needs of an ever-growing number of mobile device users. It is therefore an ideal theme for converting an existing PC-based shop into one that is equally accessible to the mobile community.

Atelier’s more than 50 available design options are illustrated in its illuminating selection of demos which cover an area ranging from shop styles and sidebar choices, to blog formats and portfolio options. The Shop Styles demo is particularly enlightening, in that it consists of a slideshow that features one option at a time. Other demos illustrate how incorporating wishlists, shopping cart options, checkout pages, and other features, is just a click away.

What is Atelier’s main strength?

While there may be more than a single answer to this question, after having viewed several of the demos, you are likely to come to the conclusion that this theme’s main strength lies in its incredible versatility, in combination with the sheer elegance of its presentations.

Why shifting to an eCommerce multipurpose theme is a must

The current trend is definitely directed towards eCommerce-compatible, multipurpose themes that are versatile, flexible, and extremely user friendly. If your objective is to reach out to the greatest possible number of potential visitors and customers, building your website around a multipurpose theme is your only viable option.

Adding a premium theme like Atelier to your collection of website development tools can substantially widen your customer base, while at the same time increasing your conversion rates.

The price of this multipurpose WordPress theme is only slightly higher than most of its competitors, but the price will appear to be almost mistakenly low once you have taken into account its huge selection of features and options, and browsed through its pre-made layouts.


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