April 23, 2024

Node.js Publicly Releases Node v4.0.0

The Node team has grown to 44 collaborators submitting ideas and bug reports on this open-source web framework. The team has just put together a final stable release of Node v4.0.0 with a lot of new features.

A big part of the new Node v4 release is a continuation of supporting features with io.js. Most notably this includes support for many ES6 features that some developers have been looking for.

ES6 is ECMAScript in it’s 6th release, basically an alternative to JavaScript but with a modern update for the 2015 dev environment.

In this case it’s not exactly used as a completely separate language, but rather combined into Node.js with support for major browsers. Node has a full documentation page for ES6 devs that includes release notes & future support.

NodeJS v4 logo

This latest version of Node v4 has been tested on a wide array of ARM systems and processors – notably OS X, Windows, FreeBSD, SmartOS, along with many Linux variants. Plus first-class support for ARM processors allows developers to whip up Node applications that can run on a broader spectrum of smartphones.

Basically Node v4 is built to work on a vast number of devices with a whole lot more support from a developer’s standpoint.

You can pull down the latest v4.0.0 release right from Node’s download page and get moving right away. Experienced devs will have no problem jumping into new features, but newer devs should also feel comfortable learning the ropes with this latest stable release.

Also to read more about specific changes & bug fixes take a look at Node’s official blog post containing all the juicy details.

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