May 20, 2024

Smashing Conference 2015 hits Freiburg and Barcelona this Fall

The beloved web design blog Smashing Magazine has been putting on a wonderful conference for the past 4 years, and 2015 will be no different.

Smashing Conference is hosted and maintained by the overarching parent company Smashing Media AG. They’re also responsible for publishing the Smashing books of both print & digital variety.

Interestingly enough, the Smashing Conference will actually be held twice in Autumn: September 14th in Freiburg, Germany is followed up on October 20th in Barcelona, Spain.

These two events are sponsored under a similar name, but the speakers & content will be undeniably unique. They both follow the amazing Smashing Conf NYC which occurred earlier this summer, along with Smashing Conf LA from April 2015.

Smashing Conf NYC 2015

All tickets for the September conference have been sold out(except for workshops). But October tickets are still on sale, so act quick if you’re interested.

The October conference includes some of the largest names in web/UI design like Andrew Clarke, Chris Coyier, and Patrick Hamann(among so many other amazing people!)

A wonderful video was created & posted by AOTV which highlights the Smashing Conference of 2013. Check it out and if you’d want to go be sure to reserve your tickets & airfare ASAP!

Also there’s a huge collection of SmashingConf videos uploaded to Vimeo for anyone who can’t make it to the event. The content is fabulous and of course it’s great to have access – but nothing can beat really being there and experiencing the conference for yourself.

Stay updated with the event’s speakers through Facebook and on Twitter @smashingconf.


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