April 12, 2024

Salesforce Creates new App Cloud for Mobile Users

The large San Francisco-based CRM company Salesforce is releasing a new piece to their management platform. Salesforce is already a cloud-based platform for customer & product management, while Salesforce1 is the branding behind enterprise users.

But very recently the company announced Salesforce App Cloud which is meant to be the next evolution of Salesforce1. This leading cloud platform connects Salesforce into Force.com and Heroku. The result?

A powerful infrastructure offering all the tools & features you need to build connected mobile applications.

Salesforce cloud logo

The idea is for Salesforce App Cloud to offer all the major features required to build a mobile application. This allows companies(or even smaller agencies) to focus on the product itself. As quoted from the Salesforce blog:

App Cloud enables our customers to quickly build the apps they need, in the way they want. Any builder can leverage our Lightning user experience point-and-click tools to create custom employee apps for any role and department. Every app is instantly mobile and social. Plus, there are pre-integrated, pre-vetted, and customizable grab-and-go apps available through the AppExchange.

Developers get a whole new coding experience using all the same technologies every consumer startup uses. Think open source languages, build packs and add ons, and robust microservices. Devs can focus on coding amazing apps, rather than setting up and managing databases, deployment, scalability, and configuration.

This whole platform is still brand new and currently in the works. Check out the App Cloud overview for some more details & even a small demo presentation.

While Salesforce and App Cloud may not be for everyone, they both provide excellent features once you know how to use them. If you’re even slightly curious have a look at the features overview and compare the different pricing models to see how they stack up against your current business’ trajectory.

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