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Sketch 3.7.2 Has Been Released

Sketch, the popular design tool for Mac users, has just released its newest version 3.7.2 Sketch 3.7.2 comes with several new features and bug fixes.

Sketch 3.6 Comes With Better SVG Support

Sketch 3.6 is already here, and it comes with better text rendering and SVG improvements. This update is free for existing Sketch users, so yeah, you have no reason not to download it. But just in case you are wondering what can Sketch 3.6 do for you, well, here it is!


Sketch 3.4.4 is Now Available for Download

Sketch, the popular design app for Mac, has released a new version — Sketch 3.4.4 Sketch 3.4.4 comes with several new bug fixes and enhancements. For instance, it now offers an updated iOS App Icon Template, and has also improved compatibility with corporate installers and their code signature. Furthermore, the SketchTool has been improved, and…

The 10 Best Web Design Tools of 2015 Worth Using

While 2015 might take some flak for not delivering on the promises of Back to the Future 2, the web design industry made Biff-sized leaps in what technology allowed and what users expected. Existing web design tools had to sharpen their edges to compete with newcomers moving in, but the biggest winners are the designers…

Sketch Leaving The Mac App Store

Sketch announced today they will be moving away from Apple’s Mac App store. Why? Apparently this is something the design platform has been considering all year. According to their announcement, they stated that the App store has not done enough to keep up with Sketch ongoing changes and development. Sketch is committed to being the…

The Latest Web Design Tools Made To Focus On Design

Web design tools have not been keeping up. Trends are evolving so fast designers cannot keep up using traditional tools. As a result, Designers are then forced to resort to learning various forms of code. HTML, CSS, JavaScript is now a necessity, having an expert eye and talent for design is not enough to accomplish…

Apple Gives the Pencil A Makeover – Interview with Jonathan Ive

In his latest interview Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer, talks about the development of the recently famous, Apple Pencil. He mentions that despite designing the UI for Apple’s touchscreen devices to be primarily multi-touch, based on the user’s fingers; they found that there was still a large group of people that wanted a pencil-like…

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