July 18, 2024

Tens of Millions of PCs already upgraded to Windows 10

The much anticipated Windows 10 OS from Microsoft was released on July 28, 2015 to 190 different countries. As of its very first day 14 million systems were running Win10 according to live tracking by Microsoft.

The Windows 10 roll-out is however a staggered process since the software is being downloaded to PCs running on Windows 8/Windows 7 whenever an update to Windows becomes available. Users who have Windows 10 available for their specific PCs will be notified with an icon in the system tray.

Many of the first 14 million installations of the new operating system, which occurred between the 28th and 30th of July, were done to PCs belonging to people who had “reserved” a copy of Win 10 in advance of its formal rollout.

win10 tech demo copy

Microsoft eventually plans on releasing Windows 10 to over 1 billion PCs over the next few years, so the staggered rollout is not something that’s being rushed. However, in addition to the 14 million new users Win10 garnered in the first 24 hours of its release, a further 13 million PCs were updated over the next several days with a total of 27 million downloads as of August 7th.

Microsoft’s latest version of the now classic Windows OS line offers several new features including a new start button, Cortana voice assistant integration, and Microsoft’s new Edge browser, among other extras.

For those of you eager to give the new OS a spin, it might be a good idea to wait just a bit longer.

Microsoft is still killing many bugs in Windows 10 and the platform probably won’t be smoothed for at least a few more weeks.


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  1. totnuckers Reply

    I cancel my windows 10 reservation update. After learning all of its telemetry code modules that monitor user’s activity (like keyloogers). I’m going to stick with my Windows 7.

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