21 Beautifully Designed E-commerce Sites

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E-commerce websites are all over the internet. From ice cream to designer products, from your day to day grocery to hand made jewelry and almost anything you can think of, there is a website selling what you need online. Too bad that a lot of e-commerce websites don’t worry much with usability and user experience. But today we will show that there are e-commerce sites delivering well done designs, layouts that make your purchase a good experience, check it out.


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21Inspiring E-commerce Sites


Cappello’s is a Colorado-based gourmet food company specializing in high-end gluten free and grain free pasta.

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

We create ice creams we fall madly in love with, that we want to bathe in, that make us see million-year-old stars.

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites


21Inspiring E-commerce Sites


21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

S.E.H. Kelly

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

The Fudge House

At the Fudge House, every one of our twenty-seven fabulous flavours is made by hand in our celebrated Edinburgh shop.

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Hiut Denim Co

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Cafe Evoke

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer is a man and a fashion brand. Oli, the man, is a designer, a self-taught tailor, a switched-on, hands-on creative. The brand is an expression of modern man; his tastes, his touch, his style.

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

7 Diamonds

Since its inception in the spring of 2000, 7 Diamonds has established itself as a lifestyle brand.
Associated with the highest standard of quality; our inimitable products are brought to life through our focus on
sophisticated designs, intricate detail and comfort.

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Normann Copenhagen

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Eastworks Leather Company

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

MoMA Store

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Hard Graft

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Tinkering Monkey

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

my own bike

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Le Coq Sportif & Le Tour de France 2012

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites


X-Doria is constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion and innovation in mobile accessories.

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites


21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Visual Supply

Visual Supply Co (VSCO) is passionate about creating beautiful and efficient digital tools for the modern creative.

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

Bella Vita

21Inspiring E-commerce Sites

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  • http://www.vishnupadmanabhan.in Vishnu

    Beautiful collection! Inspiring.

  • Jan Van Lysebettens

    great selection. very unique designs.

    Loving this one as well: http://legoutdescouleurs.be/ (products sorted by color )

  • http://www.pragmaticdesign.co.uk Web design Wolverhampton and Birmingham

    Great to see online stores that don’t just follow the same old design formula.

  • http://weare2ndfloor.com Chris Wharton

    I really like this one personally: https://posterrrs.com :)

  • http://www.123online.co.nz/ Justin

    Some fantastic looking eCommerce site designs that are also extremely user friendly which is most important.

  • http://www.designturnpike.com Design Turnpike

    Wow, so good! Wishing I had time to do mine right… :-(

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it – Creative Graphic

    simply fantastic!!! very nice selection..SO perfect for me in these days..I need some idea for build a e-commerce site! Useful..Thanks for sahring!

  • Daisy

    I think chicathome.co.uk is rather nice – maybe you could feature it too?

  • Carlos

    What I want to see is best looking eCommerce sites that actual make money. :)

  • http://adverse.co William

    wow that bella vita one is nice. Yeah exactly, which one makes the most? Probably the one with the better SEO!

  • Xavi

    Great compilation.
    I love this dark e-commerce website http://www.modatak.com

  • http://taglinegroup.com Christina Cruz

    Thanks for sharing. These were some beautifully designed eCommerce websites. I love to find inspiration from other sites when I am designing a new site here in Tucson. Thanks again.

  • http://www.u2commerce.com Sara

    Some of these are just marvelous, they fit into most cultural environment.
    Yes, there are differences wrt cultural. What goes in Japan may not work in India or Russia. So, I urge designers to have a second thought about cultural differences…

  • http://www.atadesigns-interiorshop.com Annette Taylor-Anderson

    Very nice and inspiring eCommerce websites. I’ve just finished my own site.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Sam

    Thanks for these beautiful sites. Do you know a few nicely designed interior design service and interior product shop (furniture, lighting, fabrics, accessories) websites out there beautifully designed?

  • http://mberndtdesign.com/blog M.Berndt

    Fantastic collection of eCommerce sites, beautiful designs get ideas rolling!

  • http://www.webdesigns4you.co.uk/ Web Design

    Hey Great site, love these templates

  • http://www.sweetmag.my Web Design Malaysia

    Vanmoof! what an awesome looking site! what an inspiration!

  • http://webdesigninspirationtoday.com Web Design Inspiration Today

    Great list. I personally like http://www.ditto.com/ the best of this list. Simply clean, very nice use of scrolling big images, lovely use of white spacing. Thanks for posting this!

  • http://rolling-webdesign.com Theo

    Great and inspiring collection, thanks!

  • Earl Mach-Two

    These are very nice looking sites. The images and transitions are emotive and don’t get in the way of the user accomplishing a task.

    However, beauty needs to be married to function. Some of these sites could function better.

    A) On Cappellos there’s too much scrolling.
    – When you choose any of the products, like Gnocchi, I receive an incredibly long menu. I need to scroll down to read the whole thing. If I don’t like that selection I have to scroll up and make another selection.

    – Their “where to buy” page has too much scrolling as well. It’s just a flat list. Nice looking but could be better functionally.

    B) Cafe Evoke has a similar issue. They have so few products yet require the user to scroll to see everything. Personally, I believe that details should go “below the fold” and only be used when the user needs details not on a main/sub-page like Evoke Retail.

    C) Visual Supply has their arrows are reversed (presented as > and <). This was the first time I saw this on a web site and found it confusing.

    – Also, from an accessibility perspective I don't see a way to "pause" the 4 images that continue to rotate.

    – Lastly, on http://visualsupply.co/film/ could have organized their product details better. Too many pictures takes too long to load the page (I have a DSL modem with a download speed of ~1 meg). The irony is that their VSCO Cam page (http://visualsupply.co/vscocam/) says "less is more" :-)


  • http://www.panzertechnologies.com/IT/webdesigning.html Kawaljeet Singh

    All the above website lists are really amazing and admirable. All the above sites are designed very well but is lagging the content. I hardly could find words with above 300 words. Though design is not the only criteria to be chosen even the content in it also counts for a good SEO practice.

  • http://www.absolutewebdesign.co.uk/ Mark

    I agree, ecommerce sites have changed the way we shop! therefore it’s so important for your site to look good, just as you would want your physical shop to look. Thanks a lot for sharing, some really creative and inspiring designs have been selected here. ‘Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams’ uses white space beautifully!

  • http://www.webstudios.com Peter Jestyrev

    Impressive collection. Thank you Gisele for putting it together.
    Above web designs are really good and inspirational. Now days web designers are using broad and different colors for more attractive websites, color combination play a very important role and above examples proves it. Monetization remains an open question though..

  • http://goo.gl/o4ye09 Alvie

    Wow! all of those e-commerce site designs are so BEATIFUL :)