MacBook Pro Contest Winners Announced

By / Sep 24, 2009 / Updates

There were a lot of very good tweets promoting WDL Premium, which made the judging process very challenging. What we liked most about the tweets was that there was a good mixture of both funny and explanatory approaches taken. However, there ended up being six tweets that really stood out, and of course only one that we felt did the best job of promoting WDL Premium. Here is the MacBook Pro winner followed by the lifetime membership winners.

MacBook Pro Winner

Chuck Norris just killed an army of zombies using nothing but his beard and some sick vectors from WDL Premium. #wdlmacbookpro DCalDesign

Lifetime Membership Winners

Samuel Mateo, Jr.
Signed up 4 WDL Premium. 5 mins later I’ve downloaded about $300 worth of stuff. Best $7 I’ve spent. #wdlmacbookpro prosam

Yo Taylor I’m really happy fo ya I’m gonna let ya finish but WDL Premium has the best design resources of all time #wdlmacbookpro Incarnate

Just take a sip of WDL, everybody’s doing it. #wdlcontest1 timmcleod

Sam Harding
WDL, a great site for high quality #web #design resources. Premium? It’s great! $7/month for $40+ of stuff a month! #wdlcontest1 samwilliamh

Joe Tower Grangler
Design folks, at $7/month, WDL’S Premium Content is the trifecta between those Beatles remasters and your work. #wdlcontest1 joetower

To the winners of the lifetime membership, we will cancel your subscriptions at Papal so you will no longer be billed.

We think this contest was a success, but there were a few existing members that were disappointed about not having a chance to win the MacBook Pro. Just so you know, all future contests will give all members a chance to win the same prize. Who would like us to do another contest?

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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • Tim McLeod

    Sweeeeet! Thanks WDL!

  • Tim McLeod

    I just want to say that this is one of the best web design resources I have found. It’s awesome to know there’s going to be relevant resources available here on a regular basis. This site rocks! Thanks again!

  • Chuck

    Congrats to StopDropDesign! Enjoy the MacBook Pro! Wish I had known to dip into the circa 2007 Chuck Norris joke bin.

  • Joe Tower

    All I can say is I’m shocked and honored. I never win anything.

    Thank you so much!
    I will look forward to a lifetime of awesome premium content.

    I will also continue spreading the word around design communities about the quality content WDL is putting out there. I’m trying to get my coworkers to signup too.

    Thanks again and keep up the fantastic premium content and contest opportunities.

    much respect,

  • Jason

    Congrats to StopDropDesign! I knew that tweet would win… it was really hard trying to come with something to beat it!

  • Maggie LaNoue

    It was fun to enter. I will be stopping back in to learn more about this site, there is a lot to go thru. Is there a FAQ anywhere?
    I myself am Frequently Asking Questions.
    Congrats to the winners, all of you Guys.

  • Jason

    Great contest, but are you serious? A Chuck Norris tweet won?

    Hello, and welcome to two years ago…

  • Mikelangelo

    Congrats to StopDropDesign!! A well deserved Chuck Norris Tweet FTW. Nicely done.

    In anser to Web Design Ledger… yes…please do more contests!! 😉

  • Sammy Mateo

    I join in the Congrats to StopDropDesign. I really had no chance against a Chuck Norris fuled tweet, but hey I’ll take the lifetime membership. The resources are worth more than a mac. IMO I could use the resources to create something that will allow me to buy a mac,how bout that. :)

  • Henry

    For those hating on Chuck, didn’t you get the memo? Chuck Norris doesn’t age, and neither does his jokes. We are honored to be mentioned in the same sentence.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • BebopDesigner

    Killer tweet Chuck Norris! Hilarious… StopDropDesign deserves it. Congratulations mate.
    This has been fun. I wanna do it again!


  • Nik Phillips

    Have to say, disapointing winner – but hey that’s life!

    Congrats to all, roll on the next contest (maybe more serious next time?)


  • Web 2.0

    So when is the next contest?

  • DCalDesign

    Whoah! I won a ChuckBookPro!

    Seriously though, that’s a huge blessing! Thank you so much. PLUS, you have great resources. I already have plans for one of the WP themes you recently added.

    God bless!

  • Sam Harding

    Thanks so much! Really means a lot.

    Congratulations to the other winners, StopDropDesign especially.

    Great to have free access, forever, to awesome things like this. Thanks again!

  • Nik Obidin