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By / Jan 26, 2009 / Updates

We’re excited to announce the launch of Card Observer, a showcase of only the best and most beautiful business card designs. On an internet overflowing with web design galleries, we felt their was a real need for a site such as this.

Card Observer will be updated daily with fresh business cards. So make sure to sign up for the RSS Feed. If you have designed or own a business card that deserves a spot in the CO gallery, let us know about it.

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About the Author

Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • Niki Brown | The Design O’Blog

    Nice niche gallery site! I would always go to a flickr group for business card inspiration (….which link i cant find)

    Ill have to submit my business cards and see if they get in :)

  • Henry

    @Niki – Glad you like it. Please submit as many as you like :)

  • Vasily

    Excellent! Nice and slick design for the non-stop stream of business card goodness. Way to go! I will probably add a couple of entries of own.

  • c3ane

    Great site. People have been looking for different business card aggregate site for a long time. Good to see that another one has been started up.

  • Jesse

    Great idea — it’d be awesome if you could have “next” and “previous” UI once you’ve clicked on a gallery item. It’s too precarious to have to click back to the gallery to then click the next item… I want to click through them like a slide show.

  • Noel Hurtley

    I was just thinking the other week that somebody needs to start a gallery dedicated to business card design. Consider me subscribed!

  • eraevion

    Subscribed. Waiting for more beautiful card inspirations!

  • Sherwin Techico

    Wow! That’s cool. Thanks for the add =)

    @Niki: Here’s the Flickr group I frequent, — could that be the same one? HTH.

  • Henry

    @Jesse – That is a very good suggestion. Keep an eye out for functionality enhancements like that one and others in the coming weeks.

  • Chris Wallace

    Very nice work. You never fail to impress me, Henry.

  • Nokadota

    This sounds pretty cool, nice concept.

  • Luke

    That’s really cool, thanks!
    Makes me really jealous of other people’s business cards though!!

  • Paul

    nice gallery … will add to all the galleries that i view

  • Stuart Thursby

    Great concept, good to finally see a business card gallery ‘filter’. Very inspiring examples!

  • Marc

    ditto on the need for Next/Prev buttons. I’m too lazy to keep going back and too dumb to remember where I was last in the gallery. I’m probably not the only one.

  • JasonTheDesigner

    ditto again for prev/next whilst in detail view.
    comment fields are rather large as well, for the seeing impaired?
    love the color scheme and the concept.
    great work :)

  • Henry

    To all those wanting the next/previous links, you’ll have them tomorrow. :)

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Lio
    another website showcasing business cards!

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  • jayhan