The 21 Best Designed App Landing Pages of 2015 (So Far)

Mobile is the dominant computing platform of this generation, but plenty of people still discover and download apps from traditional websites. Since the launch of the app store, we’ve seen countless posts on the topic of landing page inspiration and optimization that commonly tout the obvious: showcase a benefit; establish a clear call to action; […]


20 Creative Grid-Based Sites Designs for Inspiration

Lately grid-based layouts become really popular in web design. In this particular design, there are horizontal and vertical lines that determine the place of design elements. It’s easier for both designer and developer to work on this kind of design. It also helps users to better understand how to navigate a site. This grid style […]


10 Oriental Themed Restaurant Websites

Designs of the Eastern world habitually receive a bad reputation. I am by no means an expert on Asian culture, but for example I understand that historically one in four users in China were still using Internet Explorer 6. Google Chrome is now on the rise with a 30% market share, and with statistics like […]


10 Free Sketch App UI Kits

It’s no secret that Sketch App by Bohemian Coding has been battling head-to-head with Adobe’s Photoshop to be the ultimate design tool for creating user interfaces and website mockups. In fact, there are now more Sketch resources on Creative Market than Photoshop resources! Just take a look at these stunning UI kits for Sketch App […]